Nothing Phone (1) preorder

Nothing Phone (1)’s Invite-Only Preorder Passes Are Being Sent Out

The Nothing brand has had a unique marketing strategy for their new smartphone. By keeping the phone extremely private, holding a bid for 100 phones, and now, they have opened up invite only-preorders. It is clear that they are building up the hype for this phone. So far, it has worked because it has garnered a lot of attention, and people are extremely excited about the release of this phone. 

Nothing has started sending out invites for pre-order passes to its private community members so they can pick up the phone before its official launch on July 12. These preorder passes allow the members to secure the right to purchase the Nothing phone (1) if they pay the token amount. 

Those members of the Nothing community who have received their invite have to pay the amount by June 30. When Nothing has noted your payment, you are eligible for the pre-order offers and discount on the Nothing phone (1) accessories. 

The amount that you will have to pay to secure your pre-order will later be deducted from the total, and you will receive your device before those who did not pre-order. 

However, to get such benefits you have to be among Nothing’s community members. If you are not, then you will have to enter a waitlist on Nothing’s website. If one of the invite-only members did not claim their code, then Nothing will move to the waiting list and allow them a chance to get the pre-order pass. 

There have been some issues in redeeming the code as retailers don’t recognize the landing page. Therefore, there is a chance that you may not be able to secure your pre-order if Nothing does not sort out the issue. 

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