Nothing Phone 1 Design Unveil

The New Nothing Phone 1 Design Unveil

Although the new Nothing 1 Phone was set to be officially announced on July 12th, the company could not stop the leaks and wanted to be the first ones to announce the phone and its design.

The Nothing brand is a consumer tech startup led by Carl Pei, the OnePlus co-founder and there have been rumors about the new Nothing Phone 1 ever since people got to know that the company was going to be releasing smartphones. The company founder admitted that leaks have been getting harder to contain since people have been waiting for so long.

Due to the threat of the leaks, the company unveiled the design of the Nothing Phone 1 before the official announcement on July 12th at Nothing’s unveil event. The image which was released confirmed some of the rumors that were floating around.


The phone has an illuminating light strip on the back and it looks to be made of transparent material. The arrangement of the light strip is also in accordance with the teasers that Nothing showed in a previous event. Furthermore, the logo is placed in the center of the back. Due to the light strip surrounding it, the shape is unique. 

Some other specs of the phone were also confirmed, giving people some idea of what to expect from this brand new phone. The Nothing Phone 1 will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Furthermore, it will support wireless charging. The operating system is a modified version of Android, which Nothing has branded as the Nothing OS. 

As of July 12 approaches, the brand will surely reveal more to increase the hype around their brand new phone before they fully unveil it at their event. 

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