Stricter Commenting Laws in China

Stricter Commenting Laws in China: Every Comment To Be Reviewed Before Publishing

Even though social media is a place where everyone is free to express their own views, the Chinese government plans on changing that. Instead, they are restricting the comments that people can leave on social media.

With an already restrictive media environment, China’s internet watchdogs are planning to keep an even closer eye on every internet user by reviewing comments and reporting all the illegal and incorrect information to the authorities.

The justification behind these rulings is to safeguard national security and public interest. Furthermore, they also believe that by reviewing every comment, they are protecting the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. Moreover, the public is invited to provide feedback on the regulations. 

The regulations have not yet been imposed but have already caused a stir among Chinese social media users. They believe that their right to free speech will be further eroded through this ruling and that they will be deprived of yet another online space where they can exercise their right to an opinion. 

Through such rulings, China intends to actively censor posts and comments that are critical of the government. Furthermore, other politically and culturally sensitive comments will also be deemed unfit to be posted on social media. 

There have been some awkward instances in the past where the comments under the government’s Weibo account got out of hand and started pointing out the lies of the government and the inconsistency within their statements. Furthermore, they also rejected the official narrative and detailed the actual situation.

It is possible that to avoid such a situation from occurring again China has decided to restrict comments made on social media by carefully monitoring them to ensure that they are in support of the government.

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