All There Is To Know About Motorola Frontier

Motorola has released a few smartphones this year. However, you would not consider any of them to be flagship material. This new Motorola phone, on the other hand, might be a flagship phone. Codenamed Frontier at the moment, this new Motorola smartphone is rumored to be on par with the top Android phones.

The design of the Motorola Frontier, as leaks suggest, is different from the other phones it has released in 2022. The front is quite similar to Motorola’s higher-end Edge phones, but instead of the hole punch selfie camera being on the edge, it is not on the center. 

The back of the phone has a subtle metallic finish, and the logo is placed in the middle of this rear panel. The phone’s cameras are also placed uniquely. There are three lenses and a flash unit, with one of the lenses being quite large and up top. The other two are smaller and placed below it. 

The cameras are the most significant feature of the Frontier. The Motorola Frontier is the first phone that is expected to have a 200MP camera. The sensor paired with it is the ISOCELL HP1, which was launched late last year and has the capability of merging 16 pixels to give a 12.5MP image. 

Alongside this massive sensor, the phone will also have a 50MP ultrawide sensor and a 12MP telephoto lens. The selfie camera is also impressive and has a 60MP sensor. 

There have also been rumors about the battery life of the smartphone. Motorola smartphones usually have a 5000mAh battery that can run for two days, but one leak predicts that this phone will instead have a 4500mAh battery. Although that battery size is not small, Motorolla is capable of putting in much larger batteries.

The phone will also have impressive charging speeds at 125W wires and 50W wireless. Therefore, the battery life may not be that big of a concern.

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