Grand Theft Auto 6 Continues Rockstar’s Biggest Tradition

Grand Theft Auto 6 Continues Rockstar’s Biggest Tradition

Fans were recently given the first official looks at Grand Theft Auto 6, a trailer for which has already received over 100 million views on YouTube alone. This was a historic event for the gaming industry. As expected, the film gave a general rundown of the main characters and setting of the project, omitting some aspects that fans had been anxiously awaiting since the trailer’s premiere.

Many fans have expressed their admiration for the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer’s degree of realism and wide-ranging portrayal of Vice City. The trailer’s emphasis on introducing GTA’s first noteworthy female protagonist serves to further build anticipation. Some fans were dismayed by certain portions of the GTA 6 trailer, though, most notably Rockstar’s admission at the end of the teaser regarding a long-standing and troubling habit. Grand Theft Auto 6’s reported initial PC release date of November has fans wondering when this exclusive practice would end.

Many fans may have missed important details near the end of the latest Grand Theft Auto 6 teaser because they were too caught up with its more obvious components, such as Lucia’s focus and the colorful streets of Vice City. When GTA 6 launches in 2025, these specifics show the platforms it will be available on.

According to the information that has been made public, GTA 6 will only be compatible with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Grand Theft Auto 6’s lack of a PC release is obviously disappointing to a sizable chunk of the franchise’s PC fandom, even though expectations did not include a Nintendo Switch port for the game.

The enduring popularity of Grand Theft Auto 5 has been greatly aided by the PC platform, especially by the feature that is exclusive to the PC version of the game: GTA Online RP servers. In light of this, it is especially puzzling that Grand Theft Auto 6 didn’t have a PC port when the game first launched. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5 also used a similar launch method, first appearing only on the Xbox and PlayStation systems before making their way to the PC a few years later. Because of the delayed release of PC ports, this strategy has frequently brought criticism to Rockstar, with many accusing the business of putting profit before customer satisfaction by effectively encouraging certain demographics to buy the game twice.

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