The Lego and Fortnite Universe May Collide

The Lego and Fortnite Universe May Collide

The LEGO Group uploaded a picture of a llama wearing LEGO bricks online, which heightened rumors of a Fortnite and LEGO crossover. The llama picture and information about a crossover do suggest that Season OG of Fortnite may be getting new content soon.

Players can enjoy new events in the game as Season OG brings back the Fortnite map to its original state with unvaulted items and features. Eleven from Stranger Things, Lewis Hamilton, and the impending Big Bang event—are expected to kick off in Season OG—are among the new additions to the battle royale title. 

Players are considering possible crossovers and events amid Epic Games’ continuous efforts to provide new content, spurred by searches and rumors. Notably, rumors of LEGO and LEGO-style elements joining Fortnite have been triggered by a leak by HYPEX. Players are excitedly awaiting a possible LEGO crossover, given Fortnite’s rich history of well-known partnerships, as suggested by a tweet with an unusual llama.

Amidst the leaks that were going around, the LEGO Group uploaded a picture of a LEGO llama on Twitter that was painstakingly made to seem like the Supply Llama from Fortnite. The photograph was accompanied by a text that only included the thinking face emoji, leaving viewers to speculate. The tweet attracted a lot of comments on LEGO, one of which was particularly noteworthy—it came from the Xbox account and included the emoji for wide eyes.

There may be a future Fortnite and LEGO collaboration hinted at by the release of the LEGO llama. Prior leaks, most notably one from Twitter user ShiinaBR in April 2023, have revealed details on Epic Games and LEGO’s joint ventures. Players began to speculate more after this disclosure, which implied that the two entities were still working on developing a collaboration. The foundation for this collaboration was established back in April 2022. According to the specifics of the Epic Games/LEGO relationship, the first agreement prioritized aspects of safety and fun while striving to further the metaverse’s progress.

Looking ahead, rumors suggest that the highly anticipated Fortnite and LEGO collaboration will debut on December 7, 2023. It is anticipated that the partnership would launch a wide range of features that are inspired by LEGO, including new Workbenches, Map Markers, and the introduction of the LEGO Stud Gun. There is also a lot of speculation that the LEGO llama from the LEGO Group’s Twitter post may appear in the game. 

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