Here's How Fortnite 'Hooked' Millions

Here’s How Fortnite ‘Hooked’ Millions

It is very natural for parents to have heard of Fortnite because this game is hugely popular. It has been successful in amassing more than 125 million players. Again, it also hosts over 3 million synchronized players. Fortnite has earned impressive revenue in only one month, and it is comparatively greater than other games that belong to this genre. Based on the version of industry watchers, Fortnite grossed more than $1 billion in only 2018.

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The massive popularity

If you wonder what turns Fortnite highly engaging and why players love to play this game, you need to have a good understanding of the Hook of this game. According to Nir Eyal, who penned Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, Hooks are some experiences that intend to link the problems of the users with the product of the company with sufficient frequency and help in forming a habit? Eyal mentions phases of the Hooked Model. Additionally, he also proposes several case studies that describe the way a tech company uses Hooks for building services and products according to people’s liking. 

The important factors

The important factors

Some important factors that make Fortnite hugely popular are:

  • Trigger – Each Hook begins with a trigger, and it compels people to get into action. Again, Hook also tells people what they need to do next. When the matter zeroes on a person’s iPhone or Facebook, then a trigger becomes a status update or simply a notification, and this kind of trigger is acknowledged as an “external trigger.” According to Eyal, the trigger comprises the info, and it states the action that must be taken next. When players play Fortnite, they get notifications for joining trends. Though external triggers push players to get in the fun, according to Eyal, they aren’t sufficient for developing into habits. 

When you get individuals to use a service, and that too in the absence of prompting, then they ought to trigger themselves. Some usual internal triggers are negative emotions. Internal triggers present in Fortnite have a lot to do with gratifying the undesired feelings of boredom besides the requirement for social connection. Though feeling bored is regarded as a common trigger, Fortnite does an excellent job of linking the wish to get connected to friends. Fornite permits a player to invite friends besides chatting with them.

  • Action – The action phase is the subsequent phase of the Hooked Model. Action is the simplest behavior that people do when they expect relief. According to Eyal, when the matter comes to joining Fortnite, the simplest action turns out to be accepting an invitation. And this behavior catapults players into a group page before they get involved in this game. Eyal believes that if a player can make the action simple, then it will occur more likely. Players can play Fortnite on many screens that, include Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4. But when they want to start playing this game with only a tap, then they must use their mobile applications.
  • Reward – The reward phase is the third phase of the Hooked Model, and according to Eyal, every user gets what he asks for, and it is the comfort from the psychological itch. Eyal also mentions the strength of variable rewards. The chief reward that Fortnite proposes is the doubt that gets built around all sessions. When players play this game, they remain clueless about their opponents. They remain unaware of their playing skills and the terrain where they will end up, or the loot they will find when they reach there. The hunt for variable rewards is also found in some ways for personalizing the avatar. The chief thing is these variable rewards turn helpful in entertaining players and lessening boredom.
  • Investment – Investment is the last phase of the Hook, and investments can be accumulated passively, or they can be something that a user does to augment some services like customizing the experience or uploading content. In Fortnite, investment happens when a player pays to personalize his character. While playing this game, players can upgrade their gear, dance moves, outfits, and investment, as personalization happens to be a vital element of why a player continues to return to this game. 

Though Fortnite works to maximize the personalization of players, it isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it is pretty much the opposite. People entertain themselves by embracing various ways, and playing Fortnite is one of them. 

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