How To Get A Villager To Follow You In Minecraft

How To Get A Villager To Follow You In Minecraft

Minecraft has been around for decades, but recently it has been quite the hype among youngsters. The once basic and simple game has now changed its ways and upgraded the mechanism. 

Since the game is evolving through various mods and drops new challenges now and then, you might still face a few hurdles. But while playing, villagers must maintain their farms and make them very productive. The same villagers must remain productive, but implementing this can be a bit tough because these people just wander and never return. 

Some of them will also get themselves killed, hence are the biggest nightmare when it comes to babysitting. However, you do need a good amount of them for many things. So to make the babysitting easier and the villagers manageable, we have insider information that can help get you through. 

So dive in and learn how to get a villager to follow you in Minecraft!

How to Make a Villager Follow You in Minecraft

How to Make a Villager Follow You in Minecraft

Luring a villager does not require one solution, but you must do a few things hand in hand to make it work. We have lined up five solutions that will help you out if you meet the criteria for all of them. The minute all of these conditions are in line; you will automatically see the villagers in Minecraft listening to your orders. Let’s find out what these solutions are!

1. Get Them a Boat

This may seem confusing, but the villagers will follow you around and listen to you if you get them a boat of their own. Once you have provided them with a boat, they will get in, and then you can take them wherever you want to. But while building the boat, do keep in mind that a particular technique goes behind getting the boat built the right way. Make sure to use pistons when building the boat and add height, so maneuvering becomes easier. 

2. Drag a Zombie to the Village 

This seems like a crazy solution, but this logic will work in the case of getting the villagers to listen to you. The best way to drag a zombie back to your village is to find a zombie villager. The next step is to make the zombie chase you will you can run toward your village or wherever you want the zombie to go. The minute you reach the village and the people see the zombies; you hit them with a cure. This will change the zombie villager into a normal one. 

This is the most adventurous of all the methods we will provide, and this is the best trick if played the right way. 

3. Building a Mine Cart

Until now, you may have concluded that transporting really helps get the villagers to follow you. Minecarts are similar to boats; they can be used to move villagers from one place to another. To move the villagers, you will have to build one near them villager and then quickly move them around whenever you want to. Also, the best part is that mine carts are much faster on load than the boats. So that works in your favor!

4. Transporting Numerous Villagers Using the Boats 

Moving villagers can be challenging; here’s a tip to reduce the risk so you can transport the villagers easily. Now, to avoid the villagers escaping, you can dig a deep canal, use proper fences, and build gates around the village. This will keep them in one place. But from all the methods, we recommend building the canal around the village. The boats can be a taxi service to help villagers travel, and you can control this. 

The minute they reach the village just wreck the boat, so they do not have the means to run, and this way, they will use the mining cart to commute on the land that is the village. 

5. Funnel all the Villagers

You might feel bad about trapping and capturing different villagers, but getting them to follow you in Minecraft is also very important. You can build a long hallway around the villager you plan to get your hands on. The minute they enter, you can close off the entrance so they have access to one opening, which is in your village. 

Even though the method is time confusing but worth the try if you plan to get the villagers to stick around and stay in your village; if you want to rush the process and make it faster, then this process will get the job done. But this is challenging if you plan to pull in a herd of villagers. 

How to turn a Zombie Villager into a Villager

How to turn a Zombie Villager into a Villager

As fun as it is to bring on the zombie villagers to scare the normal ones, you need a cure before turning them into zombies. The best way to do that is to follow a step-by-step process to help yourself!

  1. Start by making the Splash potion of weakness.
  2. The next step is to find a zombie villager, the minute you see one; you can trap them. Make sure that they are protected from the sun’s light; otherwise, they will get burned, pulling the plug on all the fun. 
  3. Now give them the potion along with a golden apple.
  4. The final step is to wait for them to turn back into an ordinary villager. The process doesn’t take long, and then you can use the tips mentioned in the solutions to move the zombies wherever you want them. 

How to Make Homes for Villagers

Bringing villagers is done and dusted, but here are a few tips to provide your villagers with a home. Follow these steps to create one for your villagers:

  1. Start by digging out a 5×5 area and then fill it with 25 planks. 
  2. Now chop the corners of all the planks and replace them with wood. 
  3. Now pillar jump four times on each of the corners. 
  4. The next step is to fill the walls with planks and replace the block in the middle with glass. 
  5. Then get rid of the lower and middle blocks and place the door outside. 
  6. Then comes the step where you have to finish up the roof. 
  7. To light the home up, you can place torches or glow stones on the inside and the outside of the home and place a bed to finish the house. 


  1. Can you lead villagers?

Yes, lead can now be used in Minecraft on old villagers, dolphins, parrots, ocelots, and polar bears. 

  1. Can you lure villagers in Minecraft?

Players can entice residents back into a territory if they vacate a village but have yet to despawn. Players only need a bell and a few mattresses to accomplish this. Players need to set up a bell close to a house with beds inside to entice people back inside. 

  1. How do you get the villagers to move in Minecraft?

Players only need to create their boats and run into villagers until they run into a boat that has been placed. The villager can be quickly transported to their next location after being loaded into the boat. Then, the player can destroy the boat so the villagers can board and travel to their new site.


Now you know about Minecraft villagers and how to lure them in and get them to follow you. Do remember that whenever you plan to get the villagers in one place, build some homes, boats, and Minecraft so they can stay in the village without any issues. This will keep them happy, and they won’t run away. You can dig a canal before the villagers enter so anyone can escape, so everyone stays in one place, and the village blossoms the way you want it to.

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