Minecraft Windows 10 Vs Java Version

Minecraft Windows 10 Vs Java Version Best For You?

So much has changed since the time the legendary game came out. Now, if you have been playing the game, you will probably enjoy the features brought to you by the newest version. But if you are considering buying Minecraft, then you probably have an idea that there are two versions: Minecraft Windows 10 editions in Minecraft Java Edition. It’s easy to confuse both editions since they are very similar. But remember that they both have pros and cons, which you will eventually find out in this guide. So stay tuned till the end and check the Minecraft Java vs. Windows 10 edition!

Overview of the Game

Overview of the Game

Let’s go back a few years and start from the beginning! Even though Minecraft Java edition and Windows 10 edition are pretty similar, they have some features that set them apart. The Java edition of Minecraft is the game’s first version and was designed and developed for PCs. You can play the Java edition Minecraft on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. 

Coming down to the Minecraft Windows 10 edition, the game is based on the Bedrock Edition. This version was developed in the C programming language and was created by the Xbox Game Studios and Mojang Studios for all devices that support Windows 10, mobile phones, and consoles. But which one is best for you? Let’s find out the differences we have here below. 

Minecraft Java vs. Windows 10: Which One is Good?

Minecraft Java vs. Windows 10: Which One is Good?

To understand the comparison between Minecraft Java and Windows 10, you need to understand the few things that differentiate them. 


The graphics of the game comes down to how powerful your computer is. Now on low-end machines, Java Edition Minecraft is a nightmare to play. The player experience in terms of graphics is not good because there is a reduction in the render distance. Even the loading process takes quite some time. The game is prone to crashes, and if users do not have a rig decent enough to run the Minecraft game, then the Windows 10 edition has been optimized and created to run on anything easily. 

But when using the game, if you want exquisite lighting, actual water physics, and realistic textures on your screens, then Minecraft Java is much preferable because it will help you get the most out of it. Java will be preferable until a good graphics pack hits Windows 10 to bridge the gap it provides to users that windows 10 lacks. 


Only one version supports controllers, but both support the mouse and keyboard. Even though Minecraft Java Edition was released in 2010, Mojang hasn’t added controller functionality. For the majority of PC gamers, this won’t be a problem. Still, if you want to switch from console gaming to PC, you’ll need to install a different tool, like JoyToKey, because, on Windows 10, you can simply plug a controller into it to work. In this situation, more features are preferable to fewer features—even if you never use the controller feature.


Two versions of Minecraft support mods. Now compared to the 2015 Windows 10 version, the initial version has more mods available since the release of the Java version in 2010. In terms of quality, Java mode is superior to the norm for Minecraft Windows 10 mods.

Since Windows 10’s initial release was intended for mobile devices, the modified scenes will always try to catch up.


One of the major selling points that Microsoft has spoken about a million times is the Better Together feature, which isn’t very helpful for some. If you have played with your kids and watched the TNT structure, you’d know better how long it takes to build. But on the Microsoft Windows 10 version, players can team with people from different devices such as Nintendo Switch, XBOX, iOS, and Android. When playing, you just need to sign up for the free Xbox LIVE Account, and you are good to go. 

Since this feature isn’t available in the Java edition of Minecraft, you have a winner right here. 


In the UK, Java Edition is available for a fixed price of £17.95, whereas Windows 10 Edition is £22.49, which you can find in the Windows Store if you don’t know how Google works (both are approximately $27 in the US). However, there is a small catch. Java Edition may be played for free and includes all the mods, graphics, and other features you would expect from Minecraft. As mentioned earlier, all variations are available for free download in Windows 10, although that version also offers the possibility of in-game payments.

These include new game modes, map packs, graphics, and skinsThe majority of people will get annoyed at the thought of purchasing add-ons for Minecraft. Still, it’s a risk-free method for parents to get more out of the game without worrying about any bad happenings because Microsoft has reviewed all third-party material for Windows 10.


  There are servers for both versions. If you’re unfamiliar with servers, keep in mind that they are gigantic worlds built and hosted online to host many users. Consider PvP, puzzle maps, adventure kingdoms, and similar concepts. The only problem is that we’re using two separate versions of the same game; thus, neither Windows 10 nor Java Edition can connect to each other’s servers. It all boils down to whatever version offers more servers than you like when choosing one. It makes sense that there will be greater diversity since Java Edition has been available from the beginning of time. The Walking Dead server is also excellent and fun to experiment with.  

System Resource Consumption:

More resources are used by the Java version of Minecraft than the Windows 10 version, which seems to be more of a Java problem than a Minecraft problem. This occurs so users can distinguish between the complete Minecraft edition for Java and the Minecraft PE or mobile edition for Windows 10. After contrasting Java Minecraft with other full apps games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Creativerse, etc., you will see that it is not as resource-intensive as they are. 


Since Mojang wants to deliver updates for both versions simultaneously, the Minecraft Java Edition was the preferred edition for exciting and new content. The launcher’s snapshot option in Java allows you to access the most recent update, although Windows 10 has an option called “Experimental Gameplay” that functions quite similarly. If you want to test the newest features, you can’t go wrong with any version.

Parental Controls

Parental restrictions are not entirely reliable in Java Edition. Turning off chat, only joining servers that the parent has checked out first, and general measures like establishing and enforcing real-world screen time limitations are the basic controls. On the other hand, since Windows 10 Edition requires an Xbox LIVE account so that users can play online, it offers all the advantages that go along with it, such as the ability to modify privacy settings, restrict who your child can interact with, easily report annoying players, etc. You can easily modify the settings through the Xbox website. 


You now know all about the game and how different the Minecraft Java edition and Minecraft windows 10 edition is. Both versions have a few fundamental features that set them apart. Still, oldies would know that the fun the Java edition Minecraft brought and that experiencing both versions will make the game more enjoyable. So if you are someone who’s just played the Java version, then we recommend you download the Minecraft windows 10 edition, but if you have played, then download the Minecraft java edition to unfold the fun. 

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