Dual-Screen Phones- the Future of Samsung?

Things may be getting more exciting in the smartphone space, with Samsung taking a leap in the smartphone world. They may be considering taking their smartphone line-up to the next level by using innovative designs that have never been seen before. 

In this innovative pursuit, Samsung aims to use its rear panel and make it more valuable than just being a surface that houses the brand logo and the cameras. The patent looks quite similar to the Nubia X released by ZTE two years ago. 

The patent application was filed with the World Intellectual Property Office, or WIPO, suggesting that Samsung may consider making a smartphone with a transparent display on the back. The application also states that when not in use, the second display will be able to blend in with the rest of the phone’s back panel. 

This patent was filed in January and is only now being published. In the patent, the drawings look similar to a handset with an always-on display, which flashes certain notifications or information even when the screen is off.

That is one of the uses of the second screen. However, Samsung will probably find many more to make the second screen worthwhile for the users. A second screen can also make it easier when snapping pictures with the rear-facing camera. If you are taking a picture of someone, they will be able to see what they look like. 

The patent looks similar to a phone launched by ZTE in 2020 called Nubia X. However, it is not identical, and there are some differences. Samsung aims to have an actual display on the back, while ZTE used a glass panel with a high opacity, which could hide the regular screen when it was turned off. 

The patent documents that the display will expose certain parts of the inside area of the second surface, which can potentially be used as a notification panel. 

However, there is a possibility that Samsung may abandon the concept in the future. However, if the patent is granted and Samsung works to deliver a futuristic smartphone, it will change the industry. 

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