Samsung Creates a New Tiny Processor Promising Better Performance

Samsung Creates a New Tiny Processor Promising Better Performance

All tech companies are in a race to produce chips that perform better and are smaller. Recently, Samsung has managed to stary production of 3nm chips, which they claim to have better performance and lower power usage than any other chip. 

These chips will use GAA, or gate-all-around transistor architecture to better the performance of the chip while keeping the power usage at a minimum. Previously, Samsung used 5nm chips, and in comparison, these new chips will use 45% less power and improve their performance by 30%. Furthermore, the surface area is 35% smaller, which makes the other improvements much more impressive. 

It is reported that Samsung will begin mass production of these chips in the second half of 2022, and will be the first company to do so. Therefore, it has beaten TSMC to the punch. Furthermore, since these chips use Multi-Bridge-Channel FET, they will be the first to put GAA technology to use. 

According to Samsung, they are using semi-conductor chips as the first application of nanosheet transistors. Later, they plan to extend it to mobile processors, which will increase their performance while using way less power. 

The use of 3nm GAA technology allows Samsing to adjust the channel width of the nanosheet. Controlling the width of the nanosheet is extremely important as the wider the nanosheet channel is, the higher the performance with being, and the more energy efficient it will be. 

The use of these chips will help optimize power, which will help the practical needs of Samsung customers. They will be produced at the Hwaseong-based facilities, and the company also plans to expand its production to the Pyeongtaek fab.

There were some issues reported in the production of the 3nm chips, but Samsung has reportedly addressed those issues. However, for this chip to be included in the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, it needs to be perfected further.

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