POCO Remains Ambitious for Its Growth and Plans of Using MediaTek

POCO Remains Ambitious for Its Growth and Plans of Using MediaTek

POCO phones are usually mid-range phones that are affordable and also have fancy features. Recently they’ve released seven phones, but they want to make their future phones better than ever. To do so, POCO is turning to Media Tek.

With Media Tek powering its phone. POCO can create phones that are gaming-focused. POCO has a set line of products, but each year, they refine their portfolio. Therefore, they aim to attract a larger and more mainstream audience, while also maintaining their core user base. 

Therefore, they believe that by paying attention to the gaming category, they can attract more customers and gain momentum as a brand.

POCO believes that MediaTek has the ability to turn things around for brands and can perform on par and even better than Qualcomm. MediaTek was also successful in solving some issues for higher-end devices while keeping the cost at a minimum. Since POCO needs to keep its prices in the $200 to $500 category, MediaTek is the perfect option. 

Software is also a huge priority for POCO, as it is trying to differentiate itself from its Android siblings, such as Xiaomi. The brand will be working on a POCO UI, which will have its unique feature set with a skinned interface. The plan is to build it on an MIUI foundation but to change up the design and tonality. 

POCO’s main priority is to remove existing bugs from the POCO Launcher and to make it the best it can be. It is expected to be released very soon. On the launcher, you will be able to customize the software to your needs.

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