Get your hands on the Nothing Phone (1) early

There is a lot of buzz around the Nothing brand and their new smartphone set to release in the summer. One of the ways that this brand is building hype is by not releasing any information about the phone. Only recently have the brand released what the back of the phone will look like. Other than that, they are yet to reveal important information. 

However, to keep the hype going, and to keep the people interested, the founder, Carl Pei, former co-founder of One-Plus has decided to auction off the first 100 units. To carry out the auction, the company has paired up with StockX and will be conducting the auction on June 21.

Through the process of bidding, consumers will be able to get their hands on the Nothing Phone (1) earlier than other people. However, there is no guarantee that participating in the process will get you the phone. The earlier you bid, the higher your chances are. 

StockX also specifies that even if you win the bid, it will take approximately 35 business days for you to receive your phone. Therefore, you will be receiving the phone around the same time as those who will purchase the device after it has been released on July 12. 

This tactic is quite similar to what the Nothing brand used for their Nothing ear (1). Thus, they are repeating the same strategy to keep people excited about their very first smartphone.

Even though getting the phone through the bid will take as long as buying it on its release date, the phone won through the pudding will have some extra embellishments, such as a serial number to match the corresponding bid that wins it.

However, in the bidding process, you will not be able to participate if you are from Mexico and South Korea. Furthermore, the company has also announced that if your bid is not among the top 100 bids, you will not be charged. 

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