One UI 5 Is Having Trouble On the Galaxy Fold

One UI 5 Is Having Trouble On the Galaxy Fold

As an update gets announced with new features and upgrades, sometimes electronics have a hard time catching up. Something similar happened to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 devices as owners started to upgrade it to the One UI5. Before the update, many users reported that their phones ran smoothly and there was no lag issue. However, the phone lagged after the update and was riddled with bugs. 

Although the issue was initially annoying, many discovered the problem was getting bigger. The Galaxy Fold Reddit thread also confirms that the issue extends to the Galaxy Fold 3. Due to the update, the Galaxy Fold is dropping frames when the overview window is opened and stuttering a great deal. Additionally, some users reported that when they were switching apps, the app that opened was not the app that they clicked.

Some experienced the One UI either showing the wrong app or having trouble keeping the app carousel aligned. This causes the wrong app to open up every time. The multitasking hint bar at the bottom is also reportedly malfunctioning. It is designed to allow you to slide between apps quickly, but it is glitchy for most users. 

Network connectivity issues have also been reported. Many users noticed that they could not connect to their internet or that the signals kept dropping. Apps also loaded very slowly, and Discord on Fold devices was exceptionally glitchy. This may be because the app has to load a chat that is stored on a server somewhere. Users have also had apps crash when they are switching to or back with them. This particular issue is so prevalent that the phone is telling users to put the app into a deep sleep.

Other than the general performance and stability issues, there are several UI glitches as well. For example, many users noticed that in the taskbar app drawer, the app names were missing other than one or two letters. This issue persisted even when they rotated the phone and switched apps, and thankfully rebooting it fixed the problem. 

Others noticed they could not hear the other person when calling them if the Wi-Fi was on. Only by shutting off the Wi-Fi can you have a normal conversation.

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