Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold’s

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold’s Future May Have a Dedicated S Pen Slot

It was recently rumored that Samsung held a meeting with their suppliers to discuss improving their mobiles, future strategy, and other topics. The lack of a dedicated S Pen slot was discussed in detail in this meeting.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold model supports S Pen but does not have a built-in slot to hold the stylus. However, that might change as Samsung may add a dedicated slot in future Galaxy Z folds.

According to a report from The Elec, the South Korean tech giant wanted to make the Fold series more mainstream and usable. Integrating an S Pen slot will allow the users to use the larger inner screen more effectively. With the lack of a pen Slot in previous fold devices, users had to borrow the pen from their older devices and then return it after use. 

The S Pen was originally a unique feature of the Galaxy Note Series, which was a larger and more technologically advanced version of the S series. However, after Samsung discontinued the line, the stylus faded away until it made its return with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

In addition to integrating an S Pen slot, Samsung reportedly discussed a few other changes they wanted to make to address their phones’ challenges. One challenge that they mentioned was the size and weight of the Fold. Therefore, it is likely that a design change is in the works, and the newer model may be much thinner and lighter. 

Furthermore, the durability of the Fold, the display crease, and the cameras were also points where Samsung wanted to improve. Although this does not mean that the current Galaxy Fold lacks in terms of cameras, Samsung reportedly wanted to include better cameras in their previous model. However, they were restricted by weight and thickness issues.

It is unclear whether or not Samsung will make these changes as reports suggest that Samsung planned on adding an S Pen slot in the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but the idea was scrapped. If they decide to make these changes, the Fold may become a much more mainstream phone. 

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