Power S - Huawei’s Cheaper Foldable Phone

Power S – Huawei’s Cheaper Foldable Phone With Plenty of Personality and Colors

Huawei has launched its new mid-range foldable design with an attractive design and plenty of colors to choose from. It has a clamshell design and is called the Pocket S, owing to its flip-phone style design. This phone is a highly affordable option that has plenty of alternatives to choose from. 

The design of the Pocket S is not new. It is pretty similar to Huawei’s P50 Pro, and P50 Pocket, which were foldable phones launched earlier this year. Taking a closer look at the phone, the Pocket S has a 120 Hz, 6.9-inch OLED display. On the rear of the phone, there is a 1.04-inch external screen. 

This screen sets the Huawei Pocket S apart from all the other foldable phones because of its shape. You can also use it to control apps without even needing to open the device. You can even customize it and have it display a message, a picture, or an animation. 

Compared to all the other foldable phones released this year, the Power S has a mid-range phone chip. It is powered using an old 2021 Snapdragon 778G 4G SoC, mainly found in affordable Android phones. Using an older, less powerful chip may decrease its performance compared to other phones, but it also lowers the price. Thus, you can have a foldable phone for a much more affordable price.

The back of the Pocket S has a dual-camera setup, with its primary camera having a 40 MP sensor. The second camera is a 13MP 120-degree ultra-wide angle lens. The front-facing camera is a 10.7MP ultra-wide-angle lens. 

The primary camera also comes with an ultra-perceptual imaging system. It also features an RYYB sensor, which increases the lighting in photos by 40%. Thus your pictures look clear whether they are taken during the day or night. 

You can also use the back camera to take selfies when the phone is closed. You can also see yourself on the external screen placed below the camera. The phone is also equipped with a 4000mAh battery, designed to support Huawei Super Fast Charging. The company claims that it gains around 52% charge in 20 minutes,

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