Foldable Phone May Be in One Plus’ Future

A Foldable Phone May Be in One Plus’ Future

In the world of foldable phones, Samsung is the most popular, with many other companies such as Xiaomi, Motorola, and others trailing behind. However, another company, One Plus, seems to be entering the world of foldable phones.

Since OPPO released the OPPO Find N last year, rumors of a One Plus foldable phone started making rounds. However, fans could not find any news or leaks regarding a foldable phone or any images that show what it may look like.

Looks like all the rumors were true, as the One Plus CEO and co-founder, Pete Lau, shared some images on Twitter. These images appear to be of a hinge mechanism used on foldable devices. Besides the images, the CEO revealed no additional information, and fans have no idea what OnePlus will call the new phones. 

However, this tweet further confirms that OnePlus is working on a foldable device following the OnePlus software lead Gary Chen confirming last February that OnePlus is working towards entering the foldable race. These images confirm that the foldable OnePlus phone might be around the corner.

In April, a tip claimed that OnePlus’ foldable handset might be based on OPPO’s foldable phone, the OPPO Find N. This news is not surprising as OPPO and OnePlus have recently merged their R&D departments. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the new OnePlus foldable phone would be a rehashed version of the OPPO Find N.

Since OnePlus is much more popular than OPPO and has a global reach, fans hope that the new OnePlus fold will be available in more areas than the OPPO Find N. The fans can expect this new phone to be released in 2023, giving OnePlus plenty of time to ensure that the hinge and the phone are the best they can be.

The company is probably currently focusing on fixing possible software issues and ensuring that the phone is not too expensive so that it can consolidate its place in the mid-range segment of smartphones. 

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