Nothing Phone (1) Update Brings Much Needed Improvements

The Nothing Phone (1) Update Brings Much Needed Improvements

The Nothing brand has rolled out a new update for their smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1). Although the phone is relatively new, it is receiving pretty consistent updates to fix issues that the customers are facing. The latest update seems to bring several improvements to both the front and rear cameras, a new fingerprint UI, and an adaptive battery. 

According to a Reddit user, who posted screenshots of the changelog for the firmware version 1.1.3, the update seems to be sizeable. It offers many new features for the Nothing Phone (1), making it better than ever before. 

One of the features includes Google’s Adaptive Battery feature. This feature, available previously on Pixel phones, will allow the phone to detect app usage and adjust to extend the battery life as much as possible. 

Another update includes the new fingerprint verification UI for third-party apps. Furthermore, the camera is also getting significant updates and enhancements. They will now be able to optimize the image’s color and brightness when the phone is using Glyph lightning. 

Additionally, the Night Mode and HDR are much more snappy and take less time to process. Therefore, you have to hold your phone still for much less time when you take low-light shots. Other changes include enhancing the photo quality when the ultra-wide, digital zoom or selfie camera is used to take pictures. 

The Nothing Phone (1) update has also fixed a few bugs, due to which the users should be able to have a much smoother experience when scrolling through apps like Twitter. They should also not experience the lock screen crashing when they are opening notifications and using the fingerprint sensor. 

The new firmware version 1.1.3 comes just three days after version 1.1.2 and requires around 65MB to download. This version has improved the support for third-party changers. However, it is not widely available just yet and will take a few days to be available for all devices. 

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