Pokemon Go Players Criticize Big Shadow Mewto’s Raid Restriction  

Pokemon Go Players Criticize Big Shadow Mewto’s Raid Restriction  

Pokemon GO fans are currently criticizing Niantic for preventing players who are at a distance from taking part in the ongoing Shadow Mewtwo raids. Since the mysterious creature reappeared in late March, complaints about this restriction have begun surfacing online.

In July 2020, Shadow Mewtwo made its appearance as a reward for Special Research in Niantic’s well-known mobile game. In addition to being a fan favorite, this species is among Pokemon GO’s most powerful attackers. Its Shadow version has become one of the most sought-after creatures in the game due to these features. But up until now, there haven’t been many chances to seize it.

The player base was eagerly awaiting Niantic’s announcement of the Pokemon GO World of Wonders: Taken Over event in mid-March, given the persistent unhappiness. The last five days of the month would see the return of Shadow Mewtwo as a five-star raid boss, according to this event. However, the business failed to mention that these bouts would only be available to local gamers and would not allow Remote Raid Passes. This information was only made public with the opening of the World of Wonders: Taken Over event on March 27, which set off a three-day-old torrent of outrage from the fans.

Many fans voiced their displeasure with the restriction throughout the backlash, and some of them weren’t shy in criticizing it. Some adopted a more humorous tack, creating memes to express their mounting frustration with the game. Reddit user Hydraulic_30 posted an old screenshot of a Pokemon GO Mewtwo shundo from 2021 as one of the more inventive complaints. Sarcastically, they acknowledged how glad they were not living in a rural place and made fun of the fact that they could now actually get one of these unusual species.

In five-star raids, fighting Shadow Mewtwo usually requires the involvement of three or more high-level players. Trainer levels alone do not matter, but it is unlikely that low-level players will have the best Shadow Mewtwo counters, like Mega Gengar, Mega, or Shadow Tyranitar. As such, it is unlikely that the majority of rural players will be able to fulfill the requirements for finishing these raids without traveling to heavily inhabited locations or working with other remote players.

The World of Wonders: Taken Over event has received backlash from fans for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the removal of Remote Raid Passes for Shadow Mewtwo raids. The event’s meager awards have also drawn criticism from some players, especially in light of how difficult the raids and Field Research tasks are.

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