Pokemon Go - Niantic Making Major Changes Changes to Routes

Pokemon Go – Niantic Making Major Changes Changes to Routes

In response to feedback from players, Niantic plans to make significant modifications to Pokemon GO Routes. Routes, which was introduced in late July, sought to promote exploration and strengthen the sense of community inside the game. In order to help other players win Route Badges, XP bonuses, and in-game goodies, players may construct and share walking trails. Players can also discover Zygarde Cells along routes, which they can use to reshape their Zygarde collection. But some users voiced their dissatisfaction, which led Niantic to reveal these planned improvements.

Players criticized Pokemon GO’s Routes feature because of a number of restrictions and glitches that annoyed many. Niantic has made additional modifications to enhance the Routes experience in response to these worries. The announcement for the Out to Play event included information about these modifications. The adjustments include decreasing the present level 40 requirement and maybe allowing additional instructors to develop Routes. Niantic also intends to boost the likelihood that players will discover Zygarde Cells while traveling a Route. These adjustments are intended to address player comments and improve the feature’s appeal to the neighborhood.

More planned additions to Pokemon GO’s Routes feature have also been disclosed by Niantic, including alerts for nearby Routes and a number of quality-of-life improvements. Players are unsure of when to anticipate these adjustments because the release did not include a clear date for them.

Although these changes are anticipated to improve Routes’ accessibility, they won’t change how you typically find Routes using the Nearby menu. The option to browse community-created roads directly in the overworld, avoiding unnecessary interactions, has been requested by many players, however, this functionality is not included in the revisions that have been publicly disclosed.

In response to user feedback, Niantic has been making continuous changes to Pokemon GO Routes. They have already raised the number of Routes that are readily available, lowered the trainer level requirement for establishing them, and enhanced the Nearby menu’s visibility and utility by raising the item limit and introducing directional arrows to route listings, in addition to the planned updates.

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