How Old Each Main Character Is In The Super Mario Bros Movie

How Old Each Main Character Is In The Super Mario Bros Movie

Mario is an iconic character famous from his Nintendo days and has a massive fan following worldwide. With the recent The Super Mario Bros. movie out, fans are wondering how old Mario and Luigi are and where Princess Peach stands, and they are curious to know the age of the evil Bowser. 

So, if you’re a curious fan and want to discover the age of these characters, you have landed at the right place. Dive in and let us uncover the actual age of each of your favorite characters in the movies. Spoiler Alert: They might be a bit younger than shown in the games!

The Age Of Characters in Super Mario Bros

If you are a Super Mario fan, then is all you need to know about their ages:

1. Mario


Mario is the focus character of Nintendo and also the protagonist of the story. The character is a beloved icon famous for his name and the red hat he wears. Mario, even though he is a capable plumber, but in reality, he becomes a hero. His character is always ready to jump around and go on adventures, and he travels from time to time to rescue all his friends from potential danger all over the Mushroom Kingdom. 

In the movie Super Mario Bros., Mario joins hands with Princess Peach as they embark on a journey to save their people from the evilness of Bowser. The Mushroom Kingdom is protected, all thanks to both of these characters. 

But our favorite plumber isn’t as old as we all imagined him to be. According to the franchise, Mario Shigeru Miyamoto is 24 to 25 years old. This may be pretty surprising for fans, but it is true. Even though his mustache, round figure, mature thought, and wise actions make him seem otherwise older. If you’re still unsure, you can take a peak at the character Melee from Super Smash Bros., where a massive trophy shows how our favorite Italian plumber is just at his prime age of 26 years. That provides you with a double confirmation that he’s somewhere in his mid-20s in the movie, too. Join Mario as he proves that age is just a number, and he saves the day!

2. Princess Peach

Princess Peach

Princess Peach Toadstool, or Peach, is another famous character in The Super Mario Bros. Her name gives away the role she plays in the Mushroom Kingdom and the movie. Peach has a loyal partner and helper, Toad, who resides in the Toadstool Castle. Although she was born into a privileged home, she often finds herself in situations that are troublesome and far from the comfort she was born into. 

Bowser, time and again, kidnaps Peach in an attempt to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. But this time, Luigi gets taken, and Peach, Mario, and Toad join hands to save the world and get back Luigi. 

Her age remains a mystery in the movie The Super Mario Bros., but there have been hints pointing out that she’s around 23. Some of the snippets from the past show how she was a baby, too, when Mario and Luigi were young. Peach is shown with a rattle and even a pacifier during these snippets, indicating her youthfulness. Mario and Princess Peach are around the same age, in their mid and early 20s. 

3. Luigi


Now that we know that Luigi is just in his mid-20s, you’ll be surprised to know he shares the same age. These fraternal twins aren’t just brothers and the most loved plumbers in Mushroom Kingdom. Even though Luigi stepped in a bit later, Mario and him are born on the same day! The day itself celebrates not just brotherhood but the adventure they both go on together. 

Rewind and think about all the Mario franchises. Luigi played the part of an elder brother who was in his late 40s during that time. But Luigi has been given a fresh start in The Super Mario Bros. Now his new age is 25!

Both brothers share a fantastic bond as they go on an adventurous journey that will keep you on the edge. Their charm and determination will make you fall in love with them!

4. Bowser


King Koopa, also known as the famous Bowser, is the primary antagonist of Super Mario Bros. Bowser is a massive humanlike turtle with a spikey shell, sharp teeth, and claws and is known to breathe fire. He’s someone you’d rather stay far away from!

He is desperate to rule and has an army of loyal henchmen willing to assist him in making the mission possible. His henchmen include the Goombas and the Koopa Troopas. Together, they all want to take control of the Mushroom Kingdom and help him achieve it. Bowser is also the father of the 7 Koopalings. 

In The Super Mario Bros., there’s another fight between Bowser and Princess Peach, where he wants her to be his queen and threatens to use the Power Star to destroy everything. 

His age can be estimated as the same as we figured Peach’s age. When Luigi, Mario, and Peach were babies, Bowser was also shown alongside them. While all three of them were babies, Bowser was a toddler, which helps us conclude that he’s probably around the age of 30. 

5. Toad


Todd is the smallest but an important character in the Super Mario Bros. movie. He is a loyal friend to Princess Peach and is the cutest and jolly mushroom. Even though he is small in size, Todd is still a brave character who goes out of the way for the people he loves. He plays an integral part in the movie and teams with Peach and Mario to save the Mushroom Kingdom and protect it from Bowser. His age remains a big secret that hasn’t been revealed yet!

6. Kamek


In Yoshi’s realm, Kamek had a presence and was known widely even when Bowser was a little baby. This character played an influential pivotal role, which assisted Bowser in his evil actions. While Bowser was a kid, Kamek had reached adulthood and was experiencing and gaining knowledge at a faster rate. 

If his age is estimated around the time he was in Yoshi’s Island, then it’s his early 20s. But now, after a period of 25-30 years, he’s probably around 50 in the Super Mario Bros. movie. He’s the oldest character in the adventure-filled movie. 

7. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

DK is a giant gorilla and a bit friendly in Super Mario Bros. Donkey King plays an important in the movie since he is the prince of the Jungle Kingdom and lives amongst other members of his species. 

Surprisingly, pun intended, he loves eating bananas; the proof of this is the banana skins lying around in his kingdom. His popularity has led to the introduction of new characters, such as his enemy, King. K, and Diddy Kong, who is the nephew. He has been a consistent antagonist of Mario in the video games, but they are now on friendly terms. 

Donkey King is undoubtedly an adult, as he plays a fatherly figure role in his nephew’s life. His age is in the 30s. 

Bottom Line

So, if you’ve been wondering how old Mario and other characters in Super Mario Bros. are, you now have the answer to all your questions. Your beloved characters aren’t ancient, and their ages differ from those you have seen in the games. It’s essential to learn the specifics about your favorite characters!

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