13 Fastest Mario Kart 8 Setups

13 Fastest Mario Kart 8 Setups

Haven’t we all spent our childhood playing the earlier versions of Mario Kart, where making it to the finish line and customizing vehicles was so much fun? But it doesn’t end; you can relive your younger days by getting access to so many fun options and various vehicles to make the quickest run. Mario Cart 8 allows players to customize their character, match tires with friends, get the coolest karts, and experiment with the gliders. While playing the game, if you want to keep your winning streak, it is important to remember the traction, handling, weight, speed, acceleration, and speed. 

When playing the game, it’s not just the customization but also the character and how it is played. When playing, do keep in mind that a heavy character slows down your vehicle and leads you toward losing the game. So you need to make your choice very wisely, and with our insight on the fastest Mario Kart 8 setups, you can successfully win the game!

13 Best Mario Kart 8 Set Up

1. Link and the Triforce Trifecta 

Link and the Triforce Trifecta

Link is the newest addition to the Mario Kart 8 game and is the driver for the Master Cycle; along with Hylian Kite and Triforce Tires, he is nearly unbeatable. This setup offers appropriate weight with the right amount of speed and medium acceleration, making it very convenient to drift around the longer turns and quickly drive through obstacles and stabilize the vehicle at very high speeds. This combo will be perfect for the tricky tracks and obstructions in The Bell Cup, and you can easily win the game

2. Flame Rider, Toadette, Ancient Tires & Flower Glider

Flame Rider, Toadette, Ancient Tires & Flower Glider

Toadette is another setup that gives a lot of importance to acceleration and speed, making its stats pretty good and the chances to win pretty high. Players can also balance out this setup by collecting coins, getting speed boosts, and drifting. The Flower Glider heightens the vehicle’s stats and improves performance. The Flame Rider, on the other hand, adds traction while enhancing the acceleration, mini-turbo abilities, and pull-down on handling. Even though the vehicle might weigh down, players can counteract using the Ancient Tires while adding a boost. 

3. Inkling Girl and Matching Buggy

Inkling Girl and Matching Buggy

An aesthetic match made coming from the Splatoon arena into Mario Kart 8. The combination of Matching Buggy and the Inkling Girl is tough to beat. It comes with Off-road tires, and Super Glider adds the right amount of resistance and air to jump on heavy tracks such as the Dragon Driftway in the Egg Cup and Excitebike Arena to make the fattest turns, bringing you lots of fun. 

4. Bowser and P-Wing Kart

Bowser and P-Wing Kart

Bowser is one of the heaviest and fastest characters in the game Mario Kart 8; the Kart Gold tires and a default base speed of 4.75 in its P-Wing Kart shift him towards the maximum speed while playing the game and changes into a solid 5.75. With the combination of Hylian Kite, Bowser doesn’t lose momentum for its glider; meanwhile, it doesn’t obtain any added weight making the build easier to manage. 

5. All Gold Combination

All Gold Combination

The All Gold Kart requires a lot of wins and time to unlock, making it a part of the best kart list. Acquiring the Gold Kart and Gold Mario, Gold wheels, and Glider takes a lot of playtime. But with its decent handling and higher speed levels, the combination is undoubtedly the best and worth every effort made to achieve it. With this car in your corner, winning will be easier, but it sure is pleasing to look at while playing. 

6. Wario Wing, Kart Gold Tires, Mercedes GLA, and Wario

Wario Wing, Kart Gold Tires, Mercedes GLA, and Wario

Another outstanding setup involving the Kart Gold Tires, the infamous Mercedes GLA, with 4.75 being Wario’s initial speed, makes a pretty decent combo. Wario can move towards a speed limit of 5.75, but it decreases the acceleration level, which can be an issue in frenzied situations. But with the assistance of the Mercedes GLA, you get a reduction in weight and an increased level of handling compared to other cars. Remember, as long as all players reach the maximum speed levels, maintaining and working with the vehicle will be convenient, especially if you plan to win. Safe to say, this is also a favorite Mario Kart setup!

7. Supersonic Pink Gold Peach

Supersonic Pink Gold Peach

Another fantastic setup is the Pink Gold, the Golden Dash Cup, the Paris Promenade, and the Coconut Mall are all a compilation of the Pink Gold Peach. The famous Crimson Slim Tires help handle the bike even better, and the Peach parasol the weight off all that metal, making heavy lifting easier. The traction can be a bit less, but you’ll be pink and gold on the race-type tracks!

8. Morton with his Special Kart

Morton with his Special Kart

Morton’s impressive starting speed is 4.75 and can reach an astounding 5.75 with the help of the Special Circuit Kart and Slick Tires, although this setup comes at the cost of reduced stimulation and friction. However, expert drivers who know how to sustain maximum speed will find this build highly beneficial. Nonetheless, at 200cc, this configuration can become challenging to manage, especially with many other extremely speedy kart setups in the latest Mario Kart game.

9. The Baby Daisy and Wario Wing Combo

The Baby Daisy and Wario Wing Combo

Another excellent setup that prioritizes handling over-top speed and acceleration. Despite the fact in some situations, massive characters like Wario will be able to outpace the lightweight kart and is still the best choice in Mario Kart 8. It may seem odd, but excessive speed can lead to accidents and ultimately affect the lap time, making it even slower. If you have been playing Mario Kart for a long time, then you can easily manage this, but average players will benefit more from balanced models like this. 

10. Blue Falcon Bowser

Blue Falcon Bowser

Have you been playing Mario Kart for a long time and are confident enough to handle the high-speed drifts that come with using Bowser? To balance the massive weight, using a lightweight kart such as the Blue Falcon and the Bowser Kite and Cyber Slick tires is essential. Even though the acceleration can be sluggish, this setup is perfect for circuit races rather than risky tracks like Ice Outpost. But regardless of Bowser, get ready for a challenging and fun experience!

11. Yoshi with a Stranded Bike

Yoshi with a Stranded Bike

This is another potent combo and comes through and through! The speed of the standard bike is a little less, but adding the Waddle Wing glider takes your speed to a tolerable level while keeping the bike’s weight down exactly where it needs to be. The standard bike makes more complicated turns and makes post-drifting recovery easier. 

12. Big Morton and The Pipe Frame

Big Morton and The Pipe Frame

Morton is quite famous for being a heavyweight racer, which means when using him, you need to learn to balance out using the suitable kart to take advantage of the speed. The best way to manage the speed is using the Pipe Frame Kart. On the other hand, the tires, on the other hand, make very little difference with Morton, but you can’t go wrong with excellent GLA tires. The combo is very balanced and is a decent way to storm through, especially if you’re a single player with the 150cc category and grab the gold for yourself. 

13. Wario’s Pink Cat Car

Wario’s Pink Cat Car

Wario represents the iconic hero of the franchise and has been an established member of Nintendo. The combination may seem funny at first, but it has perks. The low grip of the cruiser can be a bit challenging, especially on underwater tracks. Still, the Cyber Slick tires compensate and help boost speed levels, making it an excellent choice for tackling rough desert areas. The Wario adds to it and makes the setup even more stylish. 

Bottom Line

To summarise, mastering a high-speed setup is essential for those looking to win in the game. We have explored 13 setups that offer different styles and preferences. Whether you prioritize acceleration or handling, speed and a range of options to choose from that can assist you in achieving your goals. While some of these setups will require you to practice to master fully, dedication will eventually make you a Mario Kart champion!

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