The Xperia 1 V Leaks Show Some Camera Changes and a New Primary Sensor

February started off strong with a huge Galaxy S23 launch, but it seems like many more phones are expected to be released this month. Sony is not far behind Samsung as it is also preparing to release its brand-new flagship Sony Xperia 1 V, this month. However, before the company could reveal the design and the specs, leaked images showed exactly how this new phone would look like.

These leaked images were posted on Weibo by a user who claimed they were of the Sony Xperia 1 V. The photos reveal that Sony plans on sticking to its triple camera array but has made a few visual changes to the overall camera design. These changes also hint at some improvements to the camera system, which will allow users to take better photos than ever.

The images show off the Zeiss branding, which is still present, but the 3D ToF and RGB-IR color sensors found on several Xperia 1 models are not present. The 3D ToF sensors captured depth data, while the RGB-IR color sensors allowed the phone to make accurate white balance adjustments. It is unclear why Sony has decided to remove them, but it may suggest that Sony may have improved their cameras enough to no longer need them.

The leaker also pointed out some changes that Sony has allegedly made to the primary and ultrawide sensors but did not elaborate. This may suggest that Sony may be upping the cameras on the Xperia phones and not using the same 12MP cameras that they have been for quite some time. Since many other Android phones are using Sony’s 50MP IMX sensor and Sony’s 1-inch type sensor, it is only natural that they will upgrade the cameras of their Xperia line.

Other than imaging, Sony may also add a new rear mic from the Xperia Pro-I. This will allow the phone to capture high-quality audio, which can be used to make vlogs and voice-overs. Although the image does not reveal too much, it seems as if the leaker is not too confident in the information, so only time will tell if this is even true.

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