Fortnite Chapter 4 Leaks

Fortnite Chapter 4 Leaks – New Witcher and Doom Skins

A leak from Fortnite’s brand new chapter reveals that the new chapter will come with unique skins. Although Fortnite’s servers are currently down to prepare for the upcoming seasons, fans eagerly await what the new chapter will bring. Leak hunters have already discovered one of the many new features of the game. An early look at the Battle Pass from Chapter 4’s first season shows that Chapter 4’s first season will feature Geralt and Doomguy.

It is Fortnite tradition to include new skins and styles in the Battle Pass of each season. These Battle Passes also typically have one licensed reward you can get for completing Tier 100 of the battle pass. 

For example, if you reached Tier 100 of Chapter 3, Season 4 of Fortnite, you got Spider-Gwen from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as a reward. Season 3 of Chapter 3 features Darth Vader of Star Wars and so on. With Chapter 4, Fortnite will start over with a new map, and like usual, Epic Games will come back with a big Battle Pass. 

The leakers allegedly found a promo image for Chapter 4’s Battle Pass, which features the main character skins that the Fortnite players will be able to acquire. Of the licensed skins, two were easily recognizable as Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher and Doomguy from the Doom series by ID Software. The Geralt skin seems to be based on the Witcher 3 version and has steel and silver swords, crossbows, and even the Kaer Morhen armor.

The other character, Doomguy, is seen wielding the Crucible sword from Doon Eternal. These skins have been confirmed to be coming to Fornite through Chapter 3, Season 4’s conclusion cinematics. Therefore, although it is not much of a surprise, fans are still excited to see the skins become available so soon. In the conclusion cinematics, both characters were seen being pulled by Zero Point through Fortnite’s multiverse and towards the Battle Royale’s reconstructed map. 

Many other characters, licensed by Fornite for Chapter 4, were also shown in the concluding cinematics. These include Hulk, who is seen riding a motorcycle in the ending cinematic of Chapter 3. Additionally, there is also a pickaxe that resembles My Hero Academia’s All Might. The chapter also features a skin for Mr. Beast, but according to the leaks, fans will have to wait for the other game seasons to unlock them.

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