TOne Plus Is Trying To Make a Brand Out of Nord

One Plus Is Trying To Make a Brand Out of Nord

OnePlus introduced the Nord brand around two years ago and released low-end to mid-range phones under it. However, with its growing popularity and presence, OnePlus may decide to expand the brand and create an entire series under it. 

OnePlus is trying to do to Nord what Xiaomi did with POCO. Thus, Nord will operate as an independent brand. To do so, it will have to make minor brand changes, which may include swapping out the trademark blue for a lighter shade. 

As a part of these brand changes, Nord may also drop the OnePlus brand name. However, in the beginning, they may not do so, just to familiarize the public with the brand. 

If OnePlus were to do this, it would be great news for the consumers, as they will have a much broader variety of cheap Android phones to choose from. It is reported that Nord will price their phones on both the slightly higher and slightly lower price segments. Therefore the prices will range from $189 to $441. The lower price would be Nord’s budget flagship. 

Furthermore, Nord could later expand their product line to include fitness bands, Bluetooth neckbands, smart TVs, smartwatches, etc. They already have a pair of earbuds called the Nord Buds, but we may see the line expanding soon. 

The Nord phones will also have a brand new custom interface, which is expected to run on top of the Oxygen OS. 

This rumored plan depicts the popularity of spinoff brands. Chinese phone companies, in particular, like to make their best-selling phone series into an entirely new brand. Some examples other than POCO are Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and iQOO, which are all under BBK.

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