New X-Men Skins May Be in Store for Fortnite

New X-Men Skins May Be in Store for Fortnite

After making its Disney+ premiere last month, X-Men ’97 has been getting positive reviews and drawing a sizable viewership to the streaming platform. It has been confirmed that Rocket League and X-Men ’97 are working together to bring themed content to the game. Rumour has it that Fortnite may be the next to announce a partnership along these lines.

A recent tweet from HYPEX suggests that Fortnite’s battle royale mode may soon reveal X-Men ’97-inspired skins. The leaker also revealed that these new products would be part of a forthcoming collaborative event that takes place from April 23 to May 7. HYPEX said that a Fortnite update is scheduled to arrive on the first day of the event, adding credence to the rumors.

The well-known free-to-play game Rocket League, meanwhile, has already revealed information regarding the X-Men-themed content—which includes new challenges, boosts, and decals—that it will provide during the occasion.

While the details of a possible Fortnite partnership with X-Men ’97 are yet unknown, fans may expect cosmetics that are modeled after well-known X-Men characters such as Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, and others. The wide variety of Fortnite skins that already includes characters from many other series, such as Dragon Ball, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Metal Gear, and many more, would be enhanced by these additions.

Although the X-Men ’97 partnership is still purely hypothetical, Fortnite fans can look forward to a lot of exciting new developments in the near future. The announcement of a major partnership with Star Wars was made just last month. This event is unique because of its enormous reach, which includes multiple aspects of the Fortnite universe such as LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, Battle Royale, Festival, Creative, and Save the World. Starting on May 3, the event promises an immersive experience across numerous modes and platforms, coinciding with Star Wars Day on May 4.

Fans of Fortnite appear to have a full year of fascinating collaborations in store for them. A leaked 2024 roadmap suggests that the game may be getting ready to include well-known figures from a variety of fields, such as celebrities like Snoop Dogg and well-known brands like Pirates of the Caribbean.

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