Helldivers 2 - Players Want to See the Railgun Returned to Its Former Strength

Helldivers 2 – Players Want to See the Railgun Returned to Its Former Strength

Fans of Helldivers 2 have expressed their displeasure with the latest changes made to the Railgun, indicating that the community is not happy with the changes. In the Helldivers 2 01.000.100 Update, the Railgun was nerfed. Although the update had just a few changes, it significantly affected the meta of the game.

With the release of the Helldivers 2 update, players now face exciting new environmental difficulties throughout missions thanks to the exciting addition of planetary dangers. Important nerfs were applied to weapons such as the Breaker and Railgun, the latter of which lost a great deal of its usefulness against strong enemy components. In contrast, to bring them up to speed with other weapons in the game, less often used weapons like the Laser Cannon, Punisher, and Breaker Spray & Pray received upgrades. Fans are still having trouble adjusting to the new status of their cherished weapons.

A player explores the developer’s choice to weaken the Railgun in a post on the Helldivers 2 subreddit, speculating that it might not have been the best one. The article goes into detail as to why the Railgun was initially so well-liked and recognized as the main defense against Chargers. It should be noted, though, that the Chargers were recently nerfed, making the EAT-17 noticeably more potent against these strong opponents.

The user continues their case by pointing out that the EAT-17 can kill Chargers with just two bullets, something the Railgun was unable to do before it was nerfed. They stress that the nerf made the Railgun less effective than other weapons in the game, not more balanced. The player begs Arrowhead to change their mind and proposes either giving the Railgun its former potency back or giving it a new use.

Similar opinions have been expressed by other players in the community, with some highlighting how, after the update, they have avoided using the Railgun completely instead of it being their most used weapon. It seems that most players agree that the Railgun is in an uncomfortable position right now, and that players that value accuracy or sheer damage have better options. In response to community concerns, Helldivers 2 creators previously recommended that players assess the weapon’s efficacy in its present state as opposed to comparing it to its previous version. There is a faction of gamers who hope that the Railgun will ultimately regain its former efficacy, even if many have moved on to other options.

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