8 Best Meta Quest 2 games 2024 — and no, Beat Saber isn't one of them

8 Best Meta Quest 2 games 2024 — and no, Beat Saber isn’t one of them

Are you a fan of gaming and have newly bought the Meta Quest 2? Well, it’s now time you experience playing differently. With things being so revolutionized, it’s best to have some games aside so you know which ones to experiment with first. So go through the list of 8 games we have listed below, all of which will make the VR experience fun and a much-needed rush. 

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Meta Quest 2

Enjoying gaming with a touch of revolution! Meta Quest 2 is a VR headset that transports users into a digital world of clarity and ease. You can now have a smooth VR experience playing games and getting entertained using the wireless design. It’s one of the most popular means of allowing you to interact. Who plays games while sitting on the couch when you can do the same with a headset instead? Experience the world of VR, play some of the top Meta Quest 2 games we have listed below, and open up a universe of possibilities with no limits. 

The 8 Best Meta Quest 2 Games in 2024

1. I Expect You To Die: The Spy and The Liar

I Expect You To Die: The Spy and The Liar

The sequel to I Expect You To Die 2 is worth every minute, as the stakes are high, and you’ll be diving into a world of deception and danger. With multiple traps lurking around, your reflexes are put to the test as you outsmart your enemies and attempt to survive against all the odds. As a super spy in the world of James Bond, you’ll uncover supernatural powers and different ways to defeat your enemies. From decoding different messages to defusing bombs, every minute of the game will keep you on the edge. But do keep in mind that the clock is ticking, and the world’s fate is in your hands! 

I Expect You to Die 2 truly delivers an outstanding experience like no other! Will you come out as a winner from all the challenges or succumb to the quests in your path? You can get it for $24.99 at the Meta Quest Store! 

2. Among Us VR

Among Us VR

Step into the world of Among Us as a crew member on a spaceship, where your mission is simple. Root out all the imposters amongst you and complete the tasks assigned. While it’s essential to keep an eye around, make sure you don’t get killed yourself. The virtual reality adaptation of this game allows you to feel like you are a part of the group, and you get to follow your crew members to identify who the imposter is. Explore every corner of the spaceship, search for clues, and finish tasks. 

3. Rec Room 

Rec Room 

Rec Room features numerous games that will keep you entertained for a long time! One of the popular games in it is Laser Tag, which has a sick LED-lit arena with beautiful neon colors. You can climb high, high behind various obstacles, shoot your enemies from far away, and pick up any weapons that have been left behind throughout the arena. Send grenades, use snipers for long-distance takedowns, and even rocket launches for an explosive attack. Surely sounds fun!

You also get a chance to play with different people worldwide and even play with your friends by launching a room. But mind you, there might be people of all age groups, so if the talking gets too much, you can always put everyone on mute. Aside from Laser Tag, you can play Bowling, Dodgeball, Paintball, and Drunken Bar Fight. 

The good news is that Rec Room is free for all users to play!

4. Nock: Bow + Arrow Soccer

Nock: Bow + Arrow Soccer

Are you a fan of archery and soccer? Well, combine that, and you get Nock! Instead of kicking the ball in the desired direction, you need to arrow at it and guide it into the net of the opponent’s team. The game is exciting and will genuinely give you the rush. But here’s when things get interesting: you can also fly! When aiming towards the ceiling, you’ll feel as if you have wings. As fun as the game is, you don’t require any friends, though it has a multiplayer component. You can play with or against AI, which is also too good. Get ready to work on your sense of direction!

The Nock is $9.99 at the Meta Quest Store. 

5. Superhot VR

Superhot VR

If you think the other games were better, you haven’t played Superhero VR yet. Superhot is one of the few games in VR that make you feel like you’re a true badass. You get to dodge ninja stars and gunfire with your weapons in your surroundings to shatter different enemies into a pile of glass. But beware, it gets addicting very quickly; it is therapeutic, and all your enemies are made of glass. In the world of Superhot, time progresses as you make movement. You can come up with different strategies to dodge enemy fire, grab suitable weapons, and knock down all your enemies. The best part of Superhot is that you might be unarmed, but after taking down an opponent with a pistol, it comes flying to you. You can grab it mid-air, make the Thor move in VR, and kill the remaining enemies. 

Get your hands on Superhot VR for just $24.99! 

6. The Climb 2

The Climb 2

Bringing you Climb 2 allows you to step into the shoes of a climber without a rope, who ascends mountains overlooking beautiful views, reflective waters, and East Asian-inspired houses. You can also climb different buildings as helicopters hover nearby, reminding you how far up you are from the ground. For those afraid of heights, you have been warned. 

The game has all kinds of adventures, such as monkey bars, crumbling bricks, and ziplines, with the rock nubs keeping you on your toes at all times. Some missions allow you to jump through wider gaps, which might be scary, but the thrill of surviving is above all. Once you make it to the top, you’ll get spectacular views that will make it all worth it. Play with a friend and race them to the top. 

The Climb 2 game is for $29.99 in the Meta Quest Store. 

7. Moss


Moss is another unique VR game where you are controlling a tiny mouse named Quill. You play from a third-person perspective, from a bird’s eye view, assuming yourself to be someone higher than the creatures. The game is very interactive with storytelling, as a narrator pops up a few minutes to add more to the plot as things progress. Moss is an exciting game with puzzles, light combat, and platforming, allowing you to step in and help Quill navigate the beautiful landscapes. Once you’re done with Moss, the game ends as a cliffhanger, so you’ll have to shift to Moss: Book 2, which is equally fun!

You can get the first Moss game for $19.99 and the second for $29.99 at the Meta Quest Store. 

8. Resident Evil VR

Resident Evil VR

Who isn’t a Resident Evil fan? If you haven’t seen the movies, then you probably have played the games. The game was launched in 2005 when Resident Evil became the most loved series. The game is set in a village on the east side of Europe, and you must survive the horrors that lay there waiting for you. The creators ditched the oddly fixed cameras and switched towards the over-the-shoulder perspective, opening room for brave gamers. It also made the shooting process easier and added thrill and fun. 

Resident Evil 4 has been recreated multiple times over the years and finally made a leap into the world of fantasy in 2021. The Developer Armature Studios managed to add fun to the action with thrills through the game. You will also get some new elements, making the gameplay enjoyable! 

For those wondering how much Resident Evil VR is, you can get it for $39.99 at the Meta Quest Store. 

Bottom Line

So, what are you waiting for? Quickly check Meta Quest 2 out and play all these most-loved games by audiences all over the world. Enjoy some fights, some adrenaline rush, football, and whatnot. Our list of 8 games provides you with 8 options to play with. You can even check out their requels or original games for added fun. 

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