Fortnite - Could Chapter 5 Season 3 Be Apocalyptic? 

Fortnite – Could Chapter 5 Season 3 Be Apocalyptic? 

Fortnite’s incorporation of fabled Greek deities like Zeus and Medusa is one of the most exciting crossovers to date. With skills emulating the legendary characters, such as Zeus’ powerful Thunderbolt that can destroy foes in one hit, Season 2 gets off to an incredible start. Details from the current Battle Pass indicate that, although Season 2 is still in its early stages, Season 3 will begin on May 24. Furthermore, there is a lot of speculation that the upcoming season may significantly alter the Fortnite universe.

Within its community, Fortnite has been a haven for rumors since its launch in 2017. With the history of well-known crossovers in the game, it appears that almost anything is possible in Fortnite. The most well-known speculation at the moment is that the setting of Season 3 will take on an apocalyptic element.

This is due to the Greek pantheon being added to Fortnite’s universe in the current Myths & Mortals season, laying the groundwork for a titanic struggle between the gods and their enemies. There are theories that the Season 2 finale will mark the end of this conflict, which might have a big impact on how Fortnite’s map is currently configured.

There have been rumors that the map in Season 3 may change into a post-apocalyptic wasteland after the catastrophic battle between players and the Greek gods. Introducing strong characters drawn from ancient Greek mythology, Season 2 pairs players with some of the strongest enemies the game has ever seen. It is expected that the next battle with the gods will result in a spectacular conclusion that could have disastrous consequences. If reports about Season 3 are accurate, players might find themselves in a barren wasteland.

Gamers have discovered an important hint that supports these rumors in a leaked speech that is linked to a brand-new character known as The Oracle. Voice lines from The Oracle have recently surfaced through leaks, suggesting dark times to come. Two of these menacing statements stand out in particular; they describe gloomy skies and suffocating dust, hinting at a sense of impending doom and dread.

Players may expect more material in the following weeks that could offer more hints about Season 3’s possible direction when The Oracle starts to offer her own set of tasks. Even if it’s still theoretical, the idea of a map of a post-apocalyptic wasteland excites people in the community. The idea of facing out against powerful Greek gods seems appropriate for triggering such life-changing experiences. But time will tell if these rumors are true or not.

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