The Galaxy S23 Series Gets a Big Camera Update

The Galaxy S23 series has only been out in the hands of users for over a month. Still, due to complaints about the camera, Samsung has decided to drop a considerable update to improve them. This update was officially announced through Samsung’s community post, which details the host of refinements that the company has planned for their flagship phones. Most changes revolve around the camera as the update improves image sharpness and video stabilization. 

The update also improves low-light capture when shooting in higher pixel modes, such as 200MP and 50MP. The camera assistant app has also received an upgrade, as it now allows users more control over their images when using auto-focus. Samsung’s main aim with this update was to address various issues and complaints they had been receiving for their devices. One of them included a green line that appeared when shooting with the rear camera and the other when shooting in low light with the Night Mode off. 

Alongside all these changes to the camera, the company will also be adding a function to the Gallery, allowing users to delete photos as they are being processed. Users can also now shoot faster as the AF concept has been changed. Now, when the shoot button is pressed, the camera will take the focus immediately, even if it is not entirely aligned. Image stabilization has also been improved when shooting with FHD 60. 

The company has also worked on its low-light camera settings and improved the line-shaped banding noise that occurred when taking pictures in mid to low-light settings and in a high pixel in the low mid-light setting. Samsung has also fixed an issue with face recognition, where it could not recognize intermittently after ending a 3rd party video call. Overall stability has also been improved for camera movements. 

Samsung’s update has dramatically improved its cameras, and the massive 200MP sensor on the Ultra has benefited hugely from this update. However, it has not yet been confirmed if Samsung has addressed the odd blur effect that occurred when capturing images with the S23 series. The update is huge at 922.88MB, but it is only being released in Korea, so international users will have to wait for this update to release. It will likely be released alongside the April security patch for international users. 

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