Geekbench Scores Reveal iPhone 14 Pro To Be Faster Than the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Geekbench Scores Reveal iPhone 14 Pro To Be Faster Than the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra launch was highly anticipated because of the high-end specs and impressive cameras. The company has officially released the device, and users expect to start receiving them by the 17th. However, some reviewers have already received their devices and are running multiple tests on them to see just how powerful the device is. Since the phone has a lot of competitors, including the iPhone 14 Pro, it was only natural that they started comparing this newly released device with them.

Reviewers conducted many different kinds of tests, including battery drain comparisons, camera comparisons, and more. Still, it was the speed comparison conducted on Geekbench that caught everyone’s eye. Before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Apple A16 Bionic chip was the leading mobile chip, but everyone expected the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 to be faster and take over the title. However, it seems that the Apple A16 might still be the best chip a smartphone can have.

According to Geekbench scores, the Samsung Galaxy S23 gained a single-core score of 1480. The Apple iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, scored 1874. In terms of percentages, the iPhone got a 21.02% higher score than the Galaxy S23 Ultra. This means that the iPhone 14 Pro is 21% faster than the Galaxy S23 Ultra in terms of single-core score. 

The multi-core scores are a little different as the gap between the two phones is not as large as on the single-core tests. The Galaxy S23 Ultra scored 4584, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max scored 5384. Here too, the iPhone trumped Samsung but by a smaller margin. The scores show that the iPhone is 14.86% faster than the Samsung when comparing multi-core scores. Although the scores may seem shocking to some, they are consistent because even last year, the Galaxy S22 Ultra could not keep up with the iPhone 13 Pro in terms of Benchmark scores. 

Despite these results, Samsung is slowly closing the gap between the two phones and is improving their speeds with each subsequent release. It is also possible that Apple will widen the gap when they release their iPhone 15 series this September.

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