Samsung May Have Revealed the Colors That the Upcoming S23 Will Come In

Samsung May Have Revealed the Colors That the Upcoming S23 Will Come In

As the launch date for the new flagship phone is inching closer, more and more rumors are floating around. According to the latest leaks, the possible colors of the new lineup may have been revealed. This news comes from 91 mobiles who saw promotional material for the new phones, which shows off its potential design and color variants. According to the outlet, the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be available in pink and green colors. 

The leaked promo pictures indicate the S23 Plus model will be available in a signature pink variant and the Ultra model in a green colorway. These colors are not a huge surprise, as the current flagship S22 series also comes in these colors. The leaks also show a vanilla model with a light gold and pink gold color, which was revealed by SamMobile.

These revealed color schemes are in line with the rumored colors of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s styluses. In a previous leak, @rquandt on Twitter revealed that the S Pen would be shipped in four colors, and these include black, rose, beige, and green. These colors are the same as the ones expected on the new flagship series, meaning that Samsung is color-coordinating the pen with the phone’s color.

It was inevitable that Samsung would offer its new flagship in other color options than the standard white and black. However, as seen before, the company has a tendency to highlight specific colors in promotional material.

Other than the leaks about the color options, previous leaks suggest that Samsung will be going full force with the phone’s hardware. The Galaxy S23 series is expected to include a high-frequency version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, which may not be available to other brands. Additionally, the Ultra model is also expected to have a new 200 MP primary sensor that will significantly increase the quality of pictures the phone can take.

With the launch of the upcoming devices looming near, Samsung is expected to release more information about the phones before it officially launches in February 2023.

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