Palworld Player Discovers Hilarious Bug

Palworld Player Discovers Hilarious Bug

When the game’s Pal spawn rate was increased to ten times the typical value, a Palworld player noticed a strange problem where several Mammorests spawned simultaneously. The gamer points out that although Palworld allows for a great deal of world customization, there are currently some options that may not work perfectly.

Palworld, which has been in early access since last month, started out with a lot of bugs, which is typical for these kinds of releases. Nevertheless, developer Pocket Pair has fixed these problems with sporadic releases. A number of serious issues have been fixed, such as the Xbox constantly crashing, the disobedient Pals, and the floor texture difficulties that were generating holes. Interestingly, several of the bugs proved to be humorous rather than troublesome.

A Palworld player by the name of Twinfails recently decided to experiment and discovered a brand-new, odd bug. Palworld users have the option to choose from a variety of difficulties before beginning a game, with Custom allowing for further customization of the game’s features. By making this decision, Twinfails boosted the pace at which Pals appear in the game to ten times more than it usually is. Players can nevertheless apply this modification, even though Palworld has issued a warning regarding possible performance difficulties with higher spawn rates. As a result, as soon as Twinfails launched the game after making changes to the world, they came across a fairly unsettling bug where about 10 Mammorests were placed in an unusual, centipede-like line.

Palworld has several humorous errors, this one featuring many Mammorests is just one of them. Another example is a few weeks ago when a Palworld player came upon an enormous translucent Arsox. The player posted a video of them flying a Nitewing near the glitched Arsox, which grew to enormous sizes and became translucent as it got closer. Unfortunately, no explanation for why this strange bug occurred was given.

Palworld is unquestionably fun even with its unavoidable bugs and unfinished nature, which adds to its remarkable success. According to the game’s makers, with 15 million units sold on Steam and availability on Xbox Game Pass, the game has drawn 10 million players on Xbox, solidifying its status as one of the biggest hits of 2024. The large number of players offers hope for the future, which might encourage creator Pocket Pair to improve the game over time by fixing bugs and performance problems.

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