Xbox Games May be Releasing on Multiple Platforms Soon

Xbox Games May be Releasing on Multiple Platforms Soon

Industry insiders claim that there are hints that Xbox is thinking of moving towards releasing big games like Starfield on several platforms. There are even rumors indicating Microsoft may be planning to release all Xbox games on multiple platforms. Notably, Xbox has struggled with hardware sales, while PlayStation’s success with exclusive games has added to the appeal of that system. Although Xbox Game Pass has been a major driver of engagement, the platform has not been able to match the sales of PlayStation and Nintendo’s consoles. Industry rumors suggest that Microsoft is looking into profitable options outside of exclusive console sales in response.

Xbox is focusing more on multiplatform releases, according to a tweet from gaming industry analyst JezCorden, in an attempt to improve “cash flow” from rivals. Later, Xbox’s new multiplatform approach was confirmed by a number of media sites. A source from XboxEra claims that Starfield will launch on the PS5 subsequent to the Xbox and PC versions of the “Shattered Space” expansion. 

Another Microsoft insider claimed that Bethesda is thinking of releasing Indiana Jones and The Great Circle on the PS5 a few months after the Xbox version. Rumour has it that other studios, besides Bethesda, like Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush, are thinking about branching out to other platforms in the upcoming weeks.

Apart from the rumored cross-platform release of Bethesda games, rumors indicate that Xbox titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator and Halo Infinite might also make an appearance on other gaming systems. The idea that all Xbox games might someday be made multiplatform has shocked a lot of people. According to JezCorden, there have been varying rumors on Microsoft’s multiplatform plan, ranging from “some games” to “all games.” Many fans were not prepared for this possible departure from a single focus on Xbox systems. Some people think that the Xbox Game Pass’s early releases hurt the sales of the console’s exclusives, while others think Microsoft might be thinking about cutting back on hardware losses and focusing only on game development and distribution—platform-neutral. 

Platform limitation has been a divisive topic among gamers, particularly in light of the ongoing “console wars” between PlayStation and Xbox. In the past, when games have switched from Xbox to PlayStation and vice versa, players have usually reacted favourably. It’s unclear if this means the conflict between these two massive gaming companies is over or if things are changing in a different way. 

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