No Co-Op Feature In Upcoming Little Nightmares 3

No Co-Op Feature In Upcoming Little Nightmares 3

Little Nightmares 3’s creator, Supermassive Games, has stated that local co-op will not be included in the game. Little Nightmares 3 stays loyal to the series’ origins by offering horror fans the chance to explore a terrifying side-scrolling universe brimming with risky obstacles and enormous monsters.

The game’s new environment and playable characters were featured in a trailer that the publisher, Bandai Namco, used to announce Little Nightmares 3 at Gamescom. The trailer also hinted at the inclusion of co-op gameplay. The previous episode of the Little Nightmares series hinted at this approach by focusing on two characters, but this is the first instance of cooperative play in the series. The simultaneous playability of both characters in Little Nightmares 3 will elevate the cooperative gameplay to a new level.

Online co-op was initially thought to be present in Little Nightmares 3, however, local co-op was curiously lacking. GamesRadar has subsequently confirmed that Little Nightmares 3 will not allow local co-op. Although Supermassive Games had given local co-op for the game some thought, they finally decided against it due to worries over the game’s “atmosphere and immersion.” Unfortunately, no explanation was given as to how a local cooperative might alter these characteristics. It’s possible that some Little Nightmares fans who were hoping to play locally cooperatively would be disappointed by this news.

The lack of local co-op in Little Nightmares 3 might be beneficial in a way. The game may provide co-op participants more opportunities to explore the levels independently by focusing on online co-op. While it has been revealed that Little Nightmares 3 characters will occasionally need to split up and work out separate puzzles to reconnect, it is yet unclear whether players will normally need to stay close to one another. As the anticipated 2024 release date for Little Nightmares 3 approaches, more information about this component is expected to be made public.

Little Nightmares 3’s lack of support for local co-op may surprise some fans, especially given that the game’s creator, Supermassive Games, has a history of incorporating it into their titles. Local co-op has been embraced by games like The Quarry and the Dark Pictures series. However, even though Little Nightmares 3 won’t have local co-op when it launches the following year, there is still hope that upcoming games from the company will include it.

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