OnePlus Confirms an Old Rumor - A Foldable Phone

OnePlus Confirms an Old Rumor – A Foldable Phone

OnePlus had a great start to the year as the Chinese manufacturer released its OnePlus 11. At the Mobile World Conference, the company showed they were already working on a new phone that would be released in the year’s second half of the year. OnePlus’ presentation was supposed to be about the OnePlus 11 concept handset. Still, they sneaked in the surprise announcements at the end. 

The foldable phone that OnePlus has in store for its customers is an important launch for the company because there is a good chance that it may prove to be a competition for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. However, this is only possible if the phone gets to the US market, where the Galaxy foldables do not have any competition. 

The president and COO of OnePlus, Kinder Liu, stated that this new phone will be their first ever foldable phone and will have the signature OnePlus experience, meaning that the interface will be fast and smooth. He continues that the foldable phone will be a flagship because of its foldable nature and the industrial design and mechanical technology needed to create it. Furthermore, he stated that their aim with the launch of their device is to provide the best experience of any foldable phone on the market. 

Although the president did not reveal any information about the internals or the design, it is likely that the phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which will allow the phone to have a fast and smooth interface. In terms of hardware, the company will likely bring something new to the table. Many consider OPPO’s Find N2 to be one of the best foldable phones on the market and will be impressed if the company is able to build upon that.

OPPO and OnePlus have had ties for quite some time, so it won’t be very surprising for customers if the new OnePlus foldable phone takes inspiration from the OPPO Find 2 for their first foldable phone.

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