17 CricFree Alternatives That Work In 2023

17 CricFree Alternatives That Work In 2023

Calling out to all sports lovers, now get access to all the matches while sitting anywhere easily and for free! Missing out on an important game can be annoying, especially when your favourite players are playing on the field. CricFree works most of the time, but on the off chance it does stop working, you do not have to worry; the list of alternatives we have here for you can be helpful in the process. 

These platforms allow legal and trouble-free streaming with numerous links to choose from. So if one website or link doesn’t work out for you, you can try the following few links and avoid missing out on all the matches. So let’s take a look at the top-rated suggestions!

What is CricFree TV?

Cricfree provides third-party access to free online athletic event streaming. Despite being primarily for cricket lovers, the website includes football and basketball game links.

You may watch important games live and in high resolution on the internet. Thanks to its user-friendliness, the site quickly gained traction among sports enthusiasts. Say  Goodbye to costly OTT platform subscriptions and say hello to free HD streaming of your favourite games!

Safe Streaming on CricFree 

Cricfree hosts provide links to sites offering free streaming. These URLs are pop-up windows, and you could be redirected to dangerous websites by them. These websites could infect your computer with viruses and damage it.

The network connection could be infuriatingly slow if you’re using a VPN. Because VPNs are typically slower, buffering may never finish. You do not want to ruin your friends’ game night by having them watch the streaming buffer. But at the same time, VPNs make the experience safer and allow you to stream from different places worldwide. Any of the connections may work out for you, all thanks to the servers VPNs offer. 

VPNs for smooth streaming of your favourite matches 

You can use the following VPNs to stream sporting events worldwide. Watch games while taking the train, at work, and even in the comfort of your home. 

  1. NordVPN
  2. PrivadoVPN
  3. SurfShark

These are some of the safest VPN options and allow smooth access to multiple streaming platforms!

The Top 17 CricFree Alternatives You Don’t Want to Miss Out on

Dive into the list of some of the best CricFree alternatives; all of these are tried and tested platforms that ensure smooth streaming and a safe experience.

1. MyP2P


When it comes to streaming sports, MyP2P ranks among the best websites. The website developers kept the user interface and built it relatively simple. Lowering the website’s graphic intensity allows video to be hosted and streamed more smoothly with less buffering.

MyP2P has the advantage over all of the websites with minimal graphic intensity. It is a fan favourite because it streams more than 12 different games.

2. SportSurge


You may watch your preferred sport online for free thanks to SportSurge, which is an easy-to-use website. It is among the most well-known websites because it transmits various sports.

Every essential sporting event is available to watch on this platform.  You may watch the NFL, rugby, cricket, the UEFA Champions League, the Bundesliga, Ligue 1, the Premier League, and Serie A. The website is ideal for people who are passionate about a variety of sports. The user interface is also relatively simple and easy to work with. Now watch all your matches, all thanks to SportSurge.

3. Buffstream


Another fantastic option if you want to watch free sports online is Buffstream. The website is highly famous among sports fans and is primarily popular in the US. Significant broadcasters like NBC, Fox Sports, and ESPN have copyright protection for the majority of the games on the internet.  The website’s streaming of US-favorite and popular sports is a drawback, though. 

It means you may watch the NFL, NBA, rugby, American football, and WWE here but not the Premier League or Ligue 1. The website is ideal for you if you want to watch the sports mentioned above, but if you want, proceed to the next platform in the list we have curated for you!

4. Stream2Watch


Any problems you could have with online sports streaming can be promptly fixed thanks to the services provided by Stream2Watch. Since they have been streaming sports for so long, their audience has become reliant on them to provide high-quality streaming to viewers worldwide. The Livescores widget is one distinctive feature that makes Stream2Watch stand out from competitors.

With this widget, you can view the standings of games currently played for free. The live match topic, facts, and details tool also provide all the information you need regarding tournaments and matches. Leagues exist, like the Basketball Cup, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, UEFA Europa League, Italian Serie A, Italian Super Cup, Carabao Cup, and others.

5. 6Stream


6stream is another completely American streaming network, like many others on the list. Widely renowned for its high-resolution live broadcasting of the NFL, NBA, and WWE.

The main benefit of 6streams is that it keeps the game’s recorded version in addition to live streaming the videos. You can thus watch the recorded broadcast if you can’t watch the live broadcast due to commitments. So you can take advantage of your favourite games!

6. VipBoxTV


Although CricFree is an excellent website for live sports streaming, it is not always available. VipBoxTV is a perfect substitute if you are having trouble accessing it if you want to stream live HD video. You may watch every significant sporting event for free on this website. You can currently watch live broadcasts in 33 different categories. 

Additionally, it offers a unique feature that enables you to watch two channels simultaneously. You will always be in the loop, especially when it comes to important sporting events like the NBA, NCAA, NFL, and more. Additionally, it supports several languages, has comprehensive sports coverage, and is available on any device. So try it out now, and take advantage of different sporting events. 

7. Crackstreams


Another well-known website in the online sports streaming market is Crackstreams. You may watch the most recent games from various sporting categories here. The website is simple to use and has a clear user interface. The platform is renowned mainly for broadcasting NBA, WWE, and American football.

Since it is a free website, the streaming quality varies.  When watching a game on Crackstrems, you might have to make a compromise between picture quality and buffering speed.  However, it is a great choice to watch and enjoy American football, basketball, or combat sports.

8. StreamEast


All NBA viewers love StreamEast, a website primarily made for NBA fans. You can also watch NFL, boxing, and other American league games that have been missed. The website’s user interface is simple, making it easy to use even for a beginner. The timetables for upcoming matches and the status of recently held matches are also available on the website.

Searching for a website that flawlessly streams matches? You can rely on StreamEast! 

9. FirstRowSports 


Another top streaming website is FirstRowSports, which stands out from other streaming platforms when it concerns streaming quality. Soon after it began, the website quickly gained popularity, all due to the quality and efficiency of its buffering.

Additionally, the streaming speed will only be much impacted if you watch numerous matches at once. Therefore, if you enjoy both basketball and football, and the Manchester derby and the Lakers vs Golden State Warriors are on simultaneously, you may watch both at once!

10. SkySports


One of the best websites, Cricfree, that lets users stream live streams of their preferred sports is Sky Sports. Along with motorsports and F1 races, there is a lot of football to watch. Keep up with the latest news and trends for your favourite athletes and sports. 

A section with news videos is also included. In the “Scores” section, you can still check the results if you missed your favourite game. Sky Sports’ premium plan, which requires payment to access the live feeds, is its lone drawback. But apart from the website, it has a lot to offer for different sports lovers!

11. ScoresinLive


It is a website that is similar to Cricfree TV that all sports enthusiasts should be aware of.  There are numerous platforms that allow you to view the rankings when you choose, but if you want to stream correctly, you need something more. Access to a website like  ScoresInLive is a sports lover’s dream.   

The website features a calendar of future events and the most recent sports scores and results. Finding the specific results for the sports you are interested in will be easy. So in case you have missed a match, you can easily view it again!

12. F1 TV


F1 TV is an authorised web application allowing Formula One fans to watch F1 on their mobile devices, in contrast to all the other websites on this list. The app is not free to use because it is official, and you must pay a monthly online subscription if you want to watch Formula One live and never miss out on any race. 

In contrast to certain OTT sites, the subscription cost is not prohibitively high. You could watch F1 races while lounging on your couches for just $2.99.  F1 TV’s main benefit over many others on the list is that it isn’t pirated; hence the streaming quality is excellent, and the buffering time is quick!

13. SonyLiv


One of the most widely used sports streaming services is SonyLiv. The streaming service is an official partner for a number of athletic events, similar to F1 TV.

You also regularly receive discounts in addition to the relatively reasonable subscription price. Additionally, the platform is accessible via mobile apps and the web version. High-definition streaming is also available, and there is hardly any lag. Now get a chance to watch your favourite matches, get stats and find out all the dates for upcoming sporting events!

14. Wiziwig 


WiziWig lets you stream sports networks. No matter wherever in the world you stay, this platform has a lot of popular channels. Everything is available on this website, including highlights and live games.

You will appreciate this platform if you often watch various sports on CricFree, such as football and auto racing. By providing you with match schedules for various sports, it will also assist you in organising your sports night. The streaming’s crispness is its finest feature!

15. Fite


  Fite is a legitimate platform that broadcasts non-pirated content, and it was introduced in 2012. The main sports available for viewing on the website are boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts.

If you’re a fan of wrestling, Fite is undoubtedly a website you should explore. There are several different subscription options available, which is more important than the average monthly fee. Now stream smoothly on Fite!

16. Redbull TV

Redbull TV

Red Bull Pvt LTD is the owner of Redbull TV, a legitimate platform for watching your favourite sports.  Yes, it’s owned by the same well-known soda that gives you wings. The website offers a selection of movies and TV series in addition to sports.

Additionally, any device can download this software. The best aspect is that a subscription is not required. The app is available for free download, giving you unprecedented access to various athletic events.

17. Channel Stream

Channel Stream

When we say Channel stream is a hidden gem, we really do mean it!  Not many people are aware of this site offering free live streaming, and a wide selection of sports is streamed in high quality.

Major football tournaments like the Ligue 1, Premier League, and Serie A are streamed on the website. You can also watch rugby, NBA, and tennis matches that have already occurred.


What websites can I watch live matches on?

There are so many websites to choose from, including SportTV, Live Net TV, Mobdro, and many other alternatives. 

How can I watch sports without cable?

You can stream sports without cable on multiple platforms like DirecTV, SonyLiv, My P2P, SkySports, SportSurge and Wiziwig. 

How can I watch live sports on my Smart TV?

The simplest way to get free live sports on a Smart TV is to set up your TV antenna completely. You may add local ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX stations to your channel lineup with no additional monthly fees. You can sign up for a brief, free trial of a live TV streaming service to watch live sports on cable networks like ESPN.

Bottom Line

So what are you waiting for? Quickly check out any of these options and get your fill on your favorite athletes. Find out about upcoming matches and stats, and stream for free. Some of these platforms require a sign-up and subscription; you can sign up and never miss an opportunity to watch any sports show. 

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