Best 16 MyP2P Alternatives You Can Use To Watch Sports

21 Best MyP2P Alternatives You Can Use To Watch Sports

Are you one of those web-savvy people who know how to watch live sports online for free? Have you also discovered free sports streaming platforms like MyP2P and others, thanks to your impressive knowledge of the internet? Or are you new to the fantastic world of online free streaming and have relied on a single source?

If you’re familiar with MyP2P, you’re probably aware that it’s one of the most popular online HD streaming websites for sports, allowing users to watch live and recorded content for free with advertisements. The site offers many benefits to frequent users, such as unlimited access to thousands of sporting events with fast streaming speeds and no need to sign up.

Fortunately, many alternative sites provide free streaming services, as well as a great user experience and minimal advertisements. These are fantastic choices for anyone who wants to indulge in free streaming services without paying a hefty price or giving out their information. Today’s article will provide you with a number of excellent options for watching sports content for free in HD.

Watch Argentina v France

We’ve chosen only the best My P2P sports alternatives, so keep reading to find out more:

Why is the MyP2P website unavailable?

Why is the MyP2P website unavailable

If you recently attempted to access the MyP2P website and were unsuccessful, the site is likely blocked in your region. Because it does not host the sports streams and content on its servers, MyP2P’s services fall into the legal gray area. It simply acts as a conduit between users and the third-party servers that host the content.

Governments and legal authorities are cracking down on sites like My P2P because they play a role in the illegal distribution of copyrighted material. Regional ISPs are instructed to block these sites, rendering them inaccessible to all residents of the area.

How Do I Get To MyP2P?

You can use a VPN to access MyP2P or alternative sites that provide a similar service. Mirror sites look and function similarly but are not always reliable or safe.

Which Sports Can You Watch On MyP2P?

Which Sports Can You Watch On MyP2P
2C47JKC Goalkeeper catches the ball in the stadium during a football game was created to provide live NFL, NBA, and MMA streaming links, but as the website’s popularity grew, the owners decided to expand its live sports channels list.

MyP2P may not have as many sports channels as other free sports streaming websites, but it does have several HD and free sports streaming links that are difficult to find elsewhere. 

Remember that the options on MyP2P are currently limited (due to legality issues), but the website owners have stated that more sports will be added to the MyP2P website soon. All of the sports that you can watch live on MyP2P are listed below.

21 Best MyP2P Alternatives For Free Online Sports Streaming

For many sports enthusiasts around the world, MyP2P was once the go-to sports streaming website. Now, since the website is no longer available in most parts of the world, you can try our favorite 21 MyP2P alternatives:

  1. Fotyval
  2. Feed2All
  3. Batman Stream
  4. VIPBoxTV
  5. Rojadirecta 
  6. StrikeOut
  7. ATDHE
  8. First Row Sports
  9. MMA Streams
  10. DAZN
  12. BuffStreamz 
  13. NHLStream
  14. 720pStream
  15. GrandmaStreams
  16. Stream East
  17. StrikeOut
  18. MMA Streams
  19. DAZN
  20. Sport365
  21. Live Soccer TV

1. Fotyval


Fotyval is a free sports streaming site with a massive collection of live video links. The stream quality is good, and the website is powered by torrent streaming technology, making it dependable and fast.

Rapid Video provides Fotyval’s service, and its network has over 3,000 servers, which is a positive sign. RapidVideo users only require a stable, high-speed internet connection to get a good quality stream, just like MyP2P.

The layout of the site is adequate, with the featured events listed for you to browse and select from. When you locate the live stream you want to watch, simply click “Watch Now,” and the site will take you to the stream source page.

In contrast to MyP2P, Fotyval only offers streams in seven countries: Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, the United States, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

One great feature of this sports streaming service is that the streams are in over 15 languages, allowing more people around the world to enjoy their streams.

2. Feed2All 


Feed2All is a site similar to MyP2P Alternatives that requires users to register before they can use the service or stream content. The free platform allows sports fans to watch their favorite channels without fear of being overcharged.

Feed2All makes live sports available to its audience by collaborating with a handful of the top live channels and sports streaming sites.

The website’s main page displays all of the current league and tournament matches being played around the world. You’ll be taken to a Feed2All page with all available options for live sports streaming when you click a link.

Football, basketball, tennis, boxing, ice hockey and rugby, snooker, racing, baseball, as well as other sports streams are available. Feed2All allows you to watch all of your favorite leagues, tournaments, and Olympics live while providing free live TV access. 

3. Batman Stream

Batman Stream

Batman Stream is an easy-to-use website where users can watch their favorite sports for free. Batman Streams, like MyP2P, offers the ability to stream your desired sport live online.

Furthermore, some sports, such as hockey, are unavailable on MyP2P.

The top navigation bar lets you browse the various sports that may be of interest to you. Users can also look up events by using the search bar located beneath the advertisement bar. You can also choose your regional timezone to learn the exact timing of your favorite event’s broadcast.

To watch a game, you do not need to register with the site. Begin streaming by clicking on the link.

Like MyP2P, Batman Stream has a forum where you can converse about the game with fellow viewers.

One thing to keep in mind about Batman Stream is the number of annoying ads and pop-ups. As soon as you click anything, you might be taken to another unrelated page. As a result, you may always have to click twice, which can be frustrating and inconvenient.

However, you can watch your favorite sports without paying, which is a reasonable compromise. Furthermore, ads help the platform keep the service free for fans all over the world.



Unlike Crack streams, which has a sizable user base of international sports fans, VIPBoxTV is relatively new but rapidly progressing.

For its fans, the website offers better quality material and videos than Crack streams, including live matches, replays, and different types of videos, which make things fresh and entertaining. The live streaming website was created to assist sports fans in viewing live sports and streaming from anywhere in the world. They can also learn more about sports and watch matches that are included on a daily basis for the best experience.

VIPBoxTV also makes use of new free tools, features, and services, as well as over 30 sports categories for live streaming sporting entertainment. Well, This allows you to enjoy your preferred sports content without restriction. Furthermore, there is an Admin tool section where you can access features such as dual-channel stream, custom video quality, and more than MyP2P Alternatives does not provide.

You also get a VIPBoxTV chat section where you can talk to fellow sports lovers worldwide, excellent customer service, and the ability to send your videos.

5. Rojadirecta 


One of the top MyP2P alternatives for free sports streaming is Rojadirecta. It is a well-known sports index platform with a massive collection of sports content and channels to enable you to watch your favorite sports teams whenever you want. Furthermore, the platform provides detailed information about every live match or sporting event, as well as information on the schedules and components of all world-class games and sports.

Although their sports have not been divided into categories on the website as there were on My P2P, Rojadirecta compensates for this by showing all matches. This allows you to discover previous sporting events while also discovering upcoming games as you scroll up and down. Furthermore, each live stream contains a list of links, some of which are also available in other languages, so you’re likely to enjoy your favorite sport in your native language.

You can also find and download a list of upcoming sporting events, which you would not be able to do on My P2P, and have a bucket list of sorts to make the wait enjoyable. You can also download sports videos from Rojadirecta, watch replays or highlights, and check live scores for any game or sport. If you’re new to the website, you’ll be given tutorials on streaming the videos and saving them for later viewing.

6. StrikeOut


If you’ve previously tried My P2P and are interested in moving to a similar website with more features and a better streaming experience, StrikeOut will undoubtedly impress. The website is well-designed, with a variety of user-friendly features that allow you to quickly browse, find, and stream your desired sports streams.

You can easily watch NFL games and enjoy College Football events, Premier League streams, MLB Streaming, and a lot more with the assistance of the Strikeout website. Installing Flash Player or updating to the most recent version if you already have Adobe Flash Player is required for free live online sports streaming.

Strikeout sports streaming is one of the most user-friendly online streaming websites, thanks to its far superior website interface. The only disadvantage of the website is the ad interruption; you can avoid the annoying ads by downloading and installing a trusted ad blocker, which will also protect you from clicking on a malicious advertisement.



ATDHE is another popular sports streaming service highly recommended for its expansive range of recorded sporting events. You also have a range of live-streaming sports channels. However, the live sports channels list is not as comprehensive as you’ll find in our top 5 recommendations. 

The website is perfect for beginners because of its simple and easy-to-use features that allow you to search, select, and stream your favorite sports within no time. You will find multiple links to the same sporting event, so you always have an alternative if the primary link doesn’t work.

If you tend to miss the live streaming of your favorite sporting events because of your busy schedule, you will surely love the recorded sports collection of ATDHE. To top it all, ATDHE has limited ad disturbance, so you can enjoy streaming without interference. 

8. First Row Sports

First Row Sports

First Row Sports deserves a spot on our list of the best alternatives for MyP2P because it has everything a top-tier free sports streaming platform should have. This website is popular among millions worldwide, and we recommend it!

First Row Sports offers an excellent collection of free sports streaming channels and a user-friendly interface. You can easily find live sports streaming channels for streaming football, Soccer, Baseball, and other sporting events. Most live sports channels and recorded sporting events are available in HD and FHD. The streaming experience is also outstanding as the videos have a fast and smooth load speed.

We like how the website lets you catch up on score updates without watching the video. For true sports fans, First Row Sports offers a live chat option that allows you to communicate with other sports fans while watching live matches. However, the live chat feature is a little slower than on other free sports streaming sites, so don’t be surprised if it is sometimes unavailable.

First Row Sports’ website interface is simple, making it easier to find your favorite sports channels and events. First Row Sports, like other free sports streaming websites, has a lot of advertisements. So you’ll have to close several ads before you can watch free live sports.

9. MMA Streams

MMA Streams

MMA Streams allows you to enjoy free live sports streaming for as long as you want without signing up, registering, or sharing your payment information. Although the website’s name says “MMA,” you can still watch various events for free on this site, including boxing, wrestling, soccer, and others. MMA Streams’ massive collection of new and popular sports streaming channels is easily accessible.

The best thing about MMA Streams is its simple and user-friendly interface, which makes it a breeze to choose your desired sports streaming channels and recorded sports events. Visit the website, choose a sport of interest, and see a list of the day’s live events. The streaming quality is good. On some days, you get seamless HD quality streaming; on others, you get a reasonably low-quality stream.

If you’re a true fan of the UFC or any other MMA organization, MMA Streams is your go-to source for live online streaming of fights and events worldwide. With a comparable range of content and features, MMA Streams is an excellent substitute for MyP2P.

10. DAZN


If you enjoyed MyP2P’s excellent live sports streaming experience, be prepared to be impressed by DAZN, which provides a similar (if not better) streaming experience. 

This British-based streaming service debuted in the United Kingdom in 2016 and has since expanded to include the United States. Unlike MyP2P, its sports selection is limited. Other sports can be streamed in some areas, but you can’t compare to the number of sports channels available on MyP2P.

If you want to expand the library of live sporting channels, you must purchase a subscription to access A-list boxing content such as exclusive fights, highlights, and documentaries. If you like boxing, this is as good as it gets.

DAZN has a modern interface that is simple to use on any device. To get started, create an account, add a payment method (which you can cancel at any time), and watch the best boxing matches available online. For your money, you don’t have to deal with any ads on DAZN.

11. is a popular online live sports streaming site that allows you to watch all your favorite sporting events anytime, from any location, and on any device. The website features over 130 of the world’s best streaming channels, allowing you to watch all your favorite sports conveniently.

With, you can watch free cricket, baseball, tennis, football, moto GP, racing, basketball, and other popular sports for unlimited hours. You will also find the latest sports updates, live scores, and schedules of ongoing and upcoming sporting events. 

Because provides a free streaming service, you should never share any personal information for sign-up or membership because it can hack your linked account or install malware on your device. Like other free streaming sites, has a lot of click-on, pop-up, and on-screen ads, so be prepared to close a ton of ads before you get to your desired sporting channels.

12. BuffStreamz 


BuffStreamz is a newer addition to the world of online sports streaming platforms; however, within no time, BuffStreamz has managed to build a loyal fan base that only trusts BuffStreamz for the latest HD sports channels from across the globe.

BuffStreamz is best known for its extensive collection of free live sports channels. You can easily find your favorite sports channel using the well-organized website interface or the advanced search bar on BuffStreamz. The application can stream a wide range of sports, from the NBA to the NFL and from MMA to boxing, allowing you to enjoy the programs without interruption.

The BuffStreamz team has worked hard to create a user-friendly platform for new and experienced online streamers. Note that you will find a wide variety of sports channels to enjoy on BuffStreamz; in addition to that, the library is regularly updated with live sports streaming channels and recorded sporting events.

13. NHLStream


The name of this sports streaming site says it all! NHLStream is one of the best sites for streaming freshly released content on NHL. If you are a die-hard NHL fan, this website is a must-visit.

The NHLStream team is fully committed to offering true sports fans easy and hassle-free access to the broad range of live sports channels from across the globe, especially for streaming NHL events. They are also fully committed to improving the user experience and interface consistently. Thus, you can stream sports channels on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux, for free.

NHLStream has a massive range of HD and FHD sports channels that you can stream live for free. With NHLStream, you do not need sign-up, register, or subscription to enjoy unlimited hours of streaming. Overall, NHLStream is hands-down one of the best MyP2P free alternatives.

14. 720pStream


720pStream is widely known and recommended for its best-looking and well-organized website, which is home to hundreds of HD sports streaming channels. 720pStream is a highly recommended alternative to MyP2P due to its fast streaming speed. It includes sports-related content and movies from various countries, languages, genres, and years, so there is a lot to watch on the platform.

The website is well-designed, with various simple features that allow you to quickly browse, locate, and stream your favorite sports streaming channels and events, as well as movies and TV shows from across the globe. The best thing about 720pStream is that all the content on the website is available in HD and FHD video quality that streams without any lags.

720pStream, like other free streaming sites, has a lot of click-on and pop-up ads, so be prepared to close a lot of them before you get to your desired content. We highly recommend using a reliable VPN and ad blocker service while streaming on 720pStream.

15. GrandmaStreams


GrandmaStreams is an excellent MyP2P alternative because it provides a similar streaming experience and channel selection as MyP2P. You can access the GrandmaStreams website worldwide and enjoy free live sports streaming and sports updates.

GrandmaStreams offers a lengthy list of sports streaming channels that allow you to stream various sports, including soccer, the NFL, the NCCA, the NHL, the NBA, the MLB, tennis, rugby, cricket, combat sports, Formula One, and many more. We love that the team of GrandmaStreams regularly updates the website. You can always find the latest sports updates, including scores, team information, match timings and date, and other important information.  

We highly recommend GrandmaStreams for its well-designed website interface, making sports streaming a hassle-free task for beginners. All the online streaming content on GrandmaStreams is free without any registration or subscription charges. 

Like other free sports streaming sites, you might encounter frequent ad disturbance. We highly recommend using an ad blocker to avoid ads and improve your streaming experience. All-in-all, GrandmaStreams has impressed us, and we highly recommend it as one of the best MyP2P alternatives.

16. Stream East

Stream East

Stream East is a fantastic option for watching sports for free in the comfort of your home or on the go on your smart devices. The site offers the latest sports news and live streaming events that allow users to watch in real time as the match happens. 

Besides its wide range of free sports streaming channels, Stream East is also recommended for its user-friendly and easy-to-follow user interface, making it the ideal website for users that aren’t tech-savvy. The online streaming experience is fast and lag-free.

You can easily find the latest Football, Soccer, and Baseball events on the platform for free and HD quality. You can also enjoy other live sporting events, including the popular NFL, NHL, NBA, Boxing, WWE, and MMA in the United States, so if you’re a true fan of sports streams and love MyP2P, Stream East online will never let you down.

The only con is the bombardment of ads, so we recommend using an antivirus with an ad blocker to improve your online streaming experience with Stream East. 

17. StrikeOut


If you’ve used MyP2P in the past and are interested in switching to a service that offers a comparable streaming experience but has more features and a higher quality overall streaming experience. In that case, the StrikeOut platform will most certainly impress you. The site is well-organized and includes a number of user-friendly tools that enable you to browse, locate, and stream the sports streams that you want to watch in a short amount of time.

With the help of the Strikeout website, you will have no trouble watching NFL games and will also be able to enjoy College Football events, MLB Streaming, Premier League streaming, and a great deal more. Installing Flash Player or installing the most recent version if you are already using Adobe Flash Player is a must in order to access free live online streaming of sporting events.

Strikeout Sports Streaming has one of the best website interfaces out there right now, making it one of the most intuitive places to watch streaming video online. The only drawback of using the website is that it interrupts your browsing experience with advertisements. You may get rid of this intrusive advertising by downloading and setting up a reputable ad blocker, which is also going to prevent you from clicking on an unsafe advertisement.

18. MMA Streams


You don’t need to join up, register, or provide any of your payment information in order to watch live sporting events for free on MMA Streams. You may watch as much as you want, for as long as you want. Despite the fact that the name of the website is “MMA,” it is still possible to watch a wide variety of activities for free on this website. These events include boxing, wrestling, football, and others. The vast range of brand-new and well-known sports streaming channels that can be found on MMA Streams is simple to navigate.

The most advantageous feature of MMA Streams is its straightforward and intuitive user interface, which makes it incredibly easy to select the live sports streaming channels and sporting events you want. Simply go to the website, choose the sport that piques your interest, and you will be presented with a list of the day’s live activities. The quality of the stream is satisfactory. On certain days, you will be able to stream content in flawless HD quality, while on other days, you will only be able to stream content in an acceptable quality.

MMA Streams should be your first stop if you are a serious follower of the UFC or other mixed martial arts because it provides live online broadcasts of fights and events all around the world. A great alternative to MyP2P is MMA Streams, which offers a content and feature set comparable to that of MyP2P .

19. DAZN


Prepare yourself to be impressed with DAZN, which gives a streaming experience comparable to that of MyP2P (if not better), especially if you like the superb live sports streaming service that MyP2P offers. 

This streaming service, with its origins in the United Kingdom, made its debut in the UK in 2016, and it has since expanded its operations to include the United States. In contrast to MyP2P, it does not offer nearly as many sporting events. Although it is possible to stream other sports in some locations, the amount of sports channels that can be accessed with MyP2P is simply unrivaled.

A subscription is required in order to gain access to A-list boxing events that include exclusive fights, match highlights, and documentaries. If you wish to increase the library of live athletic channels, you must acquire a membership. If you have any interest in boxing, you won’t find a better match than this one.

DAZN features an intuitive, cutting-edge user experience across all supported platforms and devices. To get started, all you need to do is establish an account, add a method of payment (which you are free to cancel whenever you choose), and then you can begin watching the most famous boxing matches that are currently accessible online. On DAZN, you will not be subjected to any advertisements in exchange for your payment.

20. Sport365


The sports streaming service Sport365 is highly regarded and recommended all across the world. You are able to stream your favorite sports at any given moment of the day or night and from any location in the world if you subscribe to Sport356, which has one of the most significant collections of live sports channels available.

With Sport365, you don’t have to worry about paying a dime to watch any of your favorite sports, including Football, Baseball, Cricket, volleyball, WWE, Hockey, and MotoGP. You do not need to have a membership, a subscription, or to register in order to stream your preferred sports, so all you need to do is head to the website to get started right now.

The live chat feature that Sport365 provides enables users to engage in conversation with other customers who share their passion for the sport they are watching while it is being broadcasted.

21. Live Soccer TV


If you enjoy soccer and you happen to be searching for the best free soccer streaming site, then you are in luck. Live Soccer TV provides its users with a comprehensive package that includes free live streaming of soccer matches, live soccer updates, a list of active soccer matches and tournaments, soccer match schedules, as well as the most recent news regarding soccer.

Live Soccer TV keeps you up to speed on the greatest live soccer screenings available, allowing you to watch live matches alongside other soccer fans wherever you are in the United States or Canada.

Because navigating and using the website is simple and uncomplicated, it is an excellent choice for novices. Free sports streaming is available without the need for any kind of registration or password, just like MyP2P.

Why is it necessary to use a VPN when using the MyP2P website?


Streaming services such as MyP2P are frequently the target of governments, digital law enforcement, and Internet service providers (ISPs) because of their murky status under the law and questionable business practices, which can lead to unexpected removals and website blocking.

Because the laws governing internet streaming service providers and the services they provide vary from nation to nation, some governments have outlawed them. Still, their operation is permitted in others, and they do not experience any difficulties. If you use such streaming services, you have a responsibility to research whether or not they are legal in the country in which you reside.

There is a straightforward and dependable method by which you can get around the issue, whether you are unsure about the regulations that apply in your region or if a streaming site has been restricted by your internet service provider (ISP) and is, therefore, no longer accessible.

When navigating any and all free streaming platforms, it is recommended to do so with a premium virtual private network (VPN). Industry professionals strongly recommend the use of a virtual private network (VPN) for online privacy plus safety concerns. A virtual private network (VPN) is able to mask your location and your IP address, giving the impression that you are using the internet from a place in another nation. By doing so, your identity will be concealed, and you will be able to get through any blocks or restrictions imposed by your ISP.

It is in your best interest to use a virtual private network (VPN), particularly while utilizing streaming websites such as MyP2P. This is because a VPN stops snooping eyes from discovering and stealing your personal data, another critical component of your online safety. For the highest level of security, we recommend that you combine the use of a virtual private network (VPN) with the utilization of a proxy mirror site. We are fortunate in that there are a number of MyP2P proxy websites that will continue to operate in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MyP2P substitutes legal?

On our list, we have included paid and free online streaming sites similar to MyP2P. Premium streaming platforms are almost always 100% legal. On the other hand, free online streaming websites unlawfully share copyrighted content. Therefore, we highly recommend using a paid sports streaming service for safe, legal, and enjoyable online sports streaming experience. 

Are MyP2P substitutes secure?

The vast majority of premium online paid streaming services are malware-free. On the other hand, free streaming services have an abundance of advertisements and download links that may be infected with malware and security risks. As a result, you should always use a paid service to secure your device and data. Always use a reliable (best to use a paid) VPN, antivirus, and ad blocker software while streaming on a free sports streaming website to ensure complete online safety and anonymity. 

Is MyP2P accessible via VPN?

VPNs are one of the least complicated and most secure ways to gain access to MyP2P and most other streaming websites. To use the site anonymously and safely, you only need a reliable premium VPN running on your phone or PC.

A VPN will also shield you from anyone trying to steal your information or keep tabs on your online activities. It will allow you to avoid the legal ramifications of using a site like MyP2P.

Final Words

If you loved My P2P, you would also enjoy watching live sports streams of your favorite teams and leagues on most of our free MyP2P alternatives (if not all). All of our top 21 picks of websites that are like MyP2P have massive sports-related content libraries and a seamless online love event streaming experience.

We recommend that you choose 2-3 online streaming sites from our just as a safe bet, so you not only enjoy a broader range of sporting content but also avoid future downtime.

Have you tried any of our best 21 MyP2P substitutes? If you answered yes, we’d like to hear about your online sports streaming experience. If not, please leave a comment with your favorite substitutes that you recommend instead.

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