8 Best Zooqle Alternatives

Zooqle has been one of the top favourite torrent sites of torrent fans all over the world. It has lately been facing on-going episodes of downtime that has devastated its widespread fan following.

One of the top reasons for Zooqle’s massive fan following is its impressive number of movie, series, and game torrents. It is not only popular for its vast range of free torrents. But it is also famous for its easy-to-use website interface and simple catalogue layout that allows the users to search for and download their favourite torrents without any hassle. Zooqle is also popular for having limited to zero ads and popups.

However, for the past few years, Zooqle has gone through several global and geographic website bans for uploading illegal content. Lately, Zooqle is not available in most parts of the world, including USA, UK, China, Australia, and other countries with strict legal content policies.

How to Visit Torrenting Websites Safely and Anonymously?

After giving you a brief overview of Zooqle Torrent and the purpose it serves, we believe it is necessary to caution you about the risks associated with using it. The unpleasant reality is that torrenting websites aren’t secure, despite the fact that these websites are extremely helpful and valuable. If you do not have the appropriate protection, using a torrent website can expose you to many forms of malware, including viruses.

Plus, there is a problematically high amount of invasive commercials, many of which are deceptive. This is a problem that has to be addressed. As was indicated earlier, a significant number of torrents and advertisements are infected with malware, which might cause your machine to become infected. Because of this, you have to make use of a reputable ad blocker and antivirus program.

Another significant problem with Zooqle, as well as with all torrent sites, is that they almost always provide access to illegally obtained content & downloads that violate copyright laws. This is against the law and is considered a criminal act in the majority of nations. If you are found guilty of spreading these types of data, you run the risk of getting into some severe legal difficulties. A reliable virtual private network (VPN) service offers users the ability to conceal their identities while downloading torrents anonymously.

How to Set up a VPN on Your Device For Torrenting?

If you follow the steps that are recommended, installing and configuring a virtual private network (VPN) on most devices is simple. Follow the instructions below to set up a virtual private network (VPN) on your device.

  • Create an account by going to the virtual private network service site of your choosing. During the registration process, you will be requested to submit a working email address in addition to other information.
  • Following the completion of the registration process, the next step is to go ahead and purchase a subscription. Pick the VPN subscription plan that best suits your needs and decide how you would like to pay every month or year. There are VPN services that will give a free trial period, but there are also VPN providers that may not. If there is an option for a free trial, you can select that when you want to test out the service.
  • Sign in by utilizing the email address and password you entered during the sign-up process.
  • You may get the VPN client software from the downloads section. Be sure to select a particular version that is consistent with the operating system you are using. When you sign up for a VPN service, some providers will email the customer a download link, while others will let you download the software straight from their website. Additionally, specific VPN applications can be downloaded from leading app stores.
  • Install the VPN app, then log in using the information you gave when you registered for the service.
  • There will be a prompt that displays the terms & conditions that apply. To accept these terms, please click the “Allow” button.
  • Go to the options tab, select the VPN settings that work best for you, or keep using the default settings. You can decide on the VPN protocol as well as other security options by going to the advanced section of the settings.
  • Select the location of the server you’d like to connect to, then click “connect.” Some virtual private networks, or VPNs, include an automatic option that assists you in selecting the server that offers the fastest connection based on the configuration of your network.
  • As soon as the connection is established, you are free to begin browsing the best alternative to the Zooqle site without putting your security at risk.

Let’s move on to the next topic now that we’ve covered how to stay secure when utilizing Torrenting websites and how to set up a Virtual Private Network on your computer. The following are some of the greatest websites that are similar to Zooqle:

Top 8 Zooqle Alternatives

So if you are a Zooqle fan and you are facing Zooqle ban in your region, don’t worry! Team Reviewsed have combined a list of top 8 Zooql alternatives that compare to (if not better) the content range and website layout of Zooqle.

Following is our list of top Zooqle alternatives:

  1. Pirate Bay
  2. Kickass Torrents
  3. LimeTorrents
  4. 1337x
  5. YTS
  6. isoHunt
  7. Torrentz
  8. Torrentfunk

1. Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
Rating4.8 out of 5 stars
Top Featurespeer-to-peer file sharing; a simple barebones interface; a massive range of torrents
Types of ContentMovies, series, anime, music, games, eBooks software, and more.
URLQuick Link

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Pirate Bay is the leading torrent site with the largest numbers of torrents from various categories.

If we talk about Pirate Bay’s downtime, then be prepared to face episodes of downtime and temporary bans as Pirate Bay is hands down the most popular and widely used torrent sites with thousands of classic and latest movie, series, anime, games, and other torrents.

2. Kickass Torrents

Rating4.7 out of 5 stars
Top FeaturesEasy-to-use interface; Excellent content categorization.
Types of ContentMovies, series, anime, music, games, software, and more
URLQuick Link

Kickass Torrents is another popularly used platform for downloading Avast range of HD and FHD torrents. What we love about Kickass torrent is the simplicity of the website interface, you do not have to be a tech-savvy to enjoy free torrents from Kickass Torrents.

With all the torrents smartly categorized and a simple website interface, you can locate and download your favorite torrents within no time. So, if you are a newbie to torrenting, then Kickass Torrents is the best Zooqle proxy alternative for you.

3. LimeTorrents

Rating4.5 out of 5 stars
Top FeaturesUser-friendly interface; reliable service; the website is updated regularly.
Types of ContentMovies, TV shows, series, games, software, eBooks
URLQuick Link

LimeTorrents is currently one of the leading torrent sites. The main three reasons behind its widespread popularity are – the impressive range of latest torrents, the limited number of ads and popups, and LimeTorrent’s refreshing green, highly user optimized website interface.

If you talk about security and downtime of LimeTorrent, then LimeTorrents has stricken its legal and security policies with time. Thus its users enjoy reliable and secure torrenting with zero downtime.

4. 1337x

Rating4 out of 5 stars
Best FeaturesSimple and clean website interface; an impressive range of HD and FHD torrents; torrents categories are well-defined.
Types of ContentMovies, anime, music, apps, TV shows, games, documentaries, software
URLQuick Link 

1337x is the best platform for torrent savvies! Why? Because 1337x is popularly known as a community-driven site. People from all over the world share and download torrents from this platform.

Although 1337x does have a fantastic range of movie, series, anime, games, and other torrents. However, when it comes down to security features and legal issues, that is where the issues start and 1337x has to face extended periods of downtime.

5. YTS

Rating3.9 out of 5 stars
Best FeaturesA wide range both latest and classic movies; simple and easy to use website interface; a massive selection of 720p and 1080p torrents.
Types of ContentMovies
URLQuick Link 

YTS is one of the best torrent sites for downloading free HD and FHD movies. The enormous collection of latest and classic movies is the main reason behind YTS’s worldwide spread popularity.

Although YTS is an excellent alternative for Zooqle downloads, however, if you are looking for a torrent site that offers you more than just a massive range of movies, then YTS will not be the best option for you.

6. isoHunt

Rating3.7 out of 5 stars
Best FeaturesSimplistic, beginner-friendly website interface; a massive selection of peer-sourced torrents.
Types of ContentSoftware, music, anime, movies, games and tv shows
URLQuick Link 

isoHunt is a much loved and frequented peer-to-peer torrent platform among the industry giants that attract millions of times by global users. A large majority of people who come to the site to download free torrents tend to come back soon after and become frequent users, which is vital for any website’s success.

On isoHunt, you will find one of the biggest databases of downloads, including software, ebooks, various movies, games, and tv shows, which is entirely crowd-sourced and provided by fellow users of the site.

The developers of isoHunt have opted for a simplistic interface that is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eyes. The convenient and accurate advanced search tools make quick work of finding what you are looking for.

7. Torrentz

Rating3.9 out of 5 stars
Best FeaturesFree, fast, and powerful meta-search engine. Access to more than 31 million torrents. 
Types of ContentMovies, series, anime, music, and more.
URLQuick Link 

Torrentz is one of the best Zooqle alternatives for several reasons. The top reason is the free access to more than 31 million torrents worldwide. Torrentz provides easy and safe access to more than three dozen popular and trusted torrent platforms with a few clicks only. 

Torrentz is a torrent search engine, so you always have access to all the torrent files that are shared worldwide. Its highly efficient and accurate meta-search engine makes the torrent search easy and quick. The website is clean and simple, making it perfect for beginners. 

With Torrentz, you don’t have to check various websites to find active torrents of your desired content. All you’ve to do is type the name of the content in Torrentz’s search bar, and you will find various torrent links of the same content for free download. 

8. Torrentfunk

Rating3.8 out of 5 stars
Best FeaturesMore than 8 million verified torrents, safe torrent downloading, and a simple-to-use website. 
Types of ContentMovies and TV shows/series
URLQuick Link 

Torrentfunk is another excellent Zooqle alternative because of its massive collection of verified torrents. Torrentfunk has access to more than 18 million torrents, including more than 8 million verified torrents. You can be confident that you are only downloading healthy and safe torrents with verified torrents. 

The website interface is simple and easy to navigate so that you can locate your desired and new torrent files within a few seconds. With Torrentfunk, you have access to all the torrents of popular torrent websites. 

Torrentfunk grants access to an ever-growing number of movie and TV series torrents for free. We love that most of the movies and series on Torrentfunk are available with HD and FHD torrents. Another notable pro of Torrentfunk is the limited to zero ad disturbance. So with Torrentfunk, you can enjoy free and safe torrent downloading without closing multiple ads on every step. 

Is Torrenting Illegal?

Torrenting is not entirely legal or illegal. Sharing any copyrighted material, including movies, TV shows, music, books, software, or other material, without permission is prohibited. However, you can share the torrents of your content/creation or any other content with legal consent.

Since most torrents are illegally shared, there is always a risk of getting fined or imprisoned. We recommend downloading torrents while using a reliable VPN for online anonymity and protection from malware and viruses. Importantly note that we strictly discourage sharing and downloading illegal torrent files. 

Final Verdict

Every torrent site has its shortcomings, but with our top 8 list, you can now enjoy torrenting safely and for free. The best thing that is common between all of these Zooqle alternatives is the impressive range of movie torrents.

Although all of the above-mentioned torrents are currently online (an exception to a few selected region), however, since these torrent sites do not offer legal links, thus expect unannounced episodes of downtime or even permanent ban of these torrent sites.

If you want to enjoy legally shared torrents, we highly recommend you to stream your favorite content on YouTube, Netflix, and other online video streaming platforms.

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