EliteTorrent Alternatives

10 Best EliteTorrent Alternatives

Elitetorrent held a distinct position in the free torrent industry due to the large quantity of free content it had to offer, especially in Spanish. It managed to carve a niche in an overcrowded market, where competition is tough, and the legality of the service is questionable, to say the least.

Unfortunately, as most torrent sites of its type, EliteTorrent fell prey to legal issues, limited access to users in many parts of the world. Thankfully, many other alternative platforms offer a similar service, so if you are looking for a reliable substitute for EliteTorrent, we will be sharing the top picks in this article.

Many internet users searching for free content such as movies and tv series tend to prefer free torrent downloads over free streaming sites for one main reason – download content is easier to access when you don’t have access to the internet. You can watch downloaded movies and shows on the go or at your leisure without having to worry about having a stable internet connection. Many websites specialize in offering free torrent downloads of multimedia content sourced by peers and accessible to anyone on a torrent server.

Torrents are also quicker to download, and the downloads can be resumed at any point if a connection issue occurs.

Where Did EliteTorrent Go?

The original EliteTorrent website disappeared off the internet for most users in 2017, mainly due to content piracy issues and copyright infringement. Although a ton of websites emerged to fill the gap left behind by the original, they were unable to provide the same user experience and large database. They were simply masquerading as EliteTorrent to cash in on the popularity of the OG, but none of them were official affiliates and thus could not be trusted.

It is imperative that you remember that torrenting may be illegal in your country.

10 Best EliteTorrent Alternatives

  1. Piratebay
  2. Gnula
  3. ExtraTorrent
  4. RARBG
  5. LimeTorrents
  6. Zooqle
  7. 1337X
  8. YTS.AM
  9. SeedPeer
  10. Torrentz2

1. Piratebay


Hands down one of the most popular and frequented torrent sites of the world, Pirate Bay offers over 75,000 new torrent files every month, which is astonishing, but not this isn’t surprising since it has a vast collection of torrents.

The user interface is simple and easy to grasp. The homepage is neatly organized into different categories; it also features a search bar with filters to narrow down your search. Alternatively, you can explore new torrents by browsing the categories that are further divided into subcategories.

There might be a chance that Piratebay is blocked in your country so that you can access it safely and anonymously through a VPN.

2. Gnula


Gnula is another big player within the Spanish torrent platform market. It offers an extensive library of over 40,000 Spanish and dubbed 40,000 titles, including international releases, classics, and popular TV series.

The user interface is alright, but we honestly think that it could be improved, and the clutter can be minimized to improve navigation. Although, the category tab and search filters make it easier to find what you are looking for. The most popular content by month, quarter, and year are also available if you simply want to know what is popular.

Finally, if you go to Gnula for downloading torrents, we recommend having an ad blocker in place to avoid annoyance.

3. ExtraTorrent


Regarded as one of the top 5 free torrent websites, ExtraTorrent has it all, including Spanish movies and TV shows. Due to its popularity, the site enjoys a lot of support from its loyal users. Despite its success, ExtraTorent had to close down in 2017 after legal action was taken against it. Rather than disappearing completely, the platform managed to come back again and has reached its former glory.

The relaunch was done on an entirely new domain, but the user interface and the database was kept the same. In fact, since its reemergence, ExtraTorrent has only improved and grown bigger.



Like most of the picks featured in our list, RARBG is another much-loved large torrent platform, with a huge amount of support for its users worldwide. On RARBG, you have the convenience of either streaming content online or downloading the torrent version to watch later.

You will find a ton of games, movie, music, series, and software torrent that like-minded peers have shared on this site. One thing that is lacking on the website is the amount of content, as the database is not as large as some of the leading sites. Nonetheless, whatever you will find on the site is guaranteed to be of high quality, which is why it’s a great substitute for EliteTorrent.

5. Limetorrents


Limetorrents is another reliable alternative to EliteTorrents. The popularity of limetorrents is ever-increasing due to its massive collection of software, movies, TV series, games, eBooks, music, and other torrents.

Lime torrent is also popular for its fresh and clean-looking user interface that offers several features that makes the torrent search easy for beginners.

LimeTorrent is the best alternative to EliteTorrents as it offers an expansive range of torrents and fast torrent download speed. However, one of the biggest cons of lime torrent is that it has several torrents of poor health, and you may also face sudden takedown of torrents.

6. Zooqle


If you are looking for the best EliteTorrent alternative that offers the widest range of premiere movies and series, then try Zooqle. Due to daily updates, you always have a reason to keep an eye on the Zooqle website for new movies and TV series episodes.

Although Zooqle is not as popular as other leading torrent sites; however, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that Zooqle will very soon give other popular torrent sites a tough competition.

Why? Because Zooqle has a massive range of healthy torrents that download quickly. The website does not bombard you with invasive advertisements, another major plus point of using Zooqle.

7. 1337X


1337X is one of the most recommended torrent sites due to its gigantic torrent collection. If you are looking for the latest and classic range of movies, TV shows, games, music, anime, documentaries, applications, and more, you will find high-quality, reliable torrent links on 1337X.

1337X is also popular for its simple yet attractive website interface that adds value to the user experience. Website features like “Trending Section” allow users to stay up-to-date with the latest trending torrents of the day and the week.

1337X is one of the very few torrent sites that offers such an extensive range of verified torrents. 1337X is movie lovers Paradise! Because according to an analysis, 90 percent of 1337X’s top 100 torrents are movies.



A few years back, YTS.AM was a struggling torrent site; however, 2021 has been a fantastic year for YTS.AM as it has tripled its popularity within months. Today, YTS.AM stands as one of the best EliteTorrent alternatives.

It owes its success to the modernized user interface, easy navigation, and downloading process that is suitable for new users and is highly effective for finding content and downloading it quickly. Today, the site is frequented by thousands of users daily from around the world.

Nonetheless, due to the lack of popularity for many years, YTS.AM has not accumulated an extensive library of content, which is its biggest struggle. Currently, the site features just over 7000 torrents, which is why we haven’t rated the higher on the list. The good news is that most of the content is high quality, and the number of torrents is gradually increasing.

9. SeedPeer


SeedPeer stands out due to its huge and varied database of content that has something for everyone, especially if you are looking for Spanish torrent downloads. The vast library features over three million files, including movies, TV series, eBooks, software, music, games, and more. The method of finding what you need is simple, too – just type the name of your desired content in the search bar.

One way to increase your chances of finding exactly what you want is to use the filter and category bar, which makes the process more precise and quicker, especially if you don’t know the name of the content.

Another useful feature on SeedPeer that we loved is the ability to link to associated torrents sites. Finally, to ensure you are getting the correct torrent, you can also verify the content prior to download.

10. Torrentz2


If you are looking for a solid Spanish torrent site, then you should check out Torrentz2. It offers a huge library of content, including movies and games, mostly in English, but there are also many popular Spanish titles. Furthermore, there is tons of content dubbed in Spanish so that you can branch out to other content as well.

The simplistic approach to the user interface has its advantages and disadvantages. Searching for the content you want is easy with the prominent search bar located on the site’s homepage. Simply type in the name of the movie and press search. On the other hand, the torrents in the library have not been categorized according to type or genre, which makes exploring new stuff difficult. You can’t browse a category to find the torrent you want, which is limiting.

We advise that you use a reliable VPN if you visit Torrentz2 to gain safe and anonymous access to the site, even if it’s blocked in your region.

Final Thoughts

Despite many setbacks and crackdowns from governments around the world, torrenting continues to stay relevant and thrive because it is a quick, convenient and easy way to download the content you need for free. Although, we suggest that you always use a VPN to protect yourself when torrenting.

These were some of the best EliteTorrent substitutes, which we recommend if you prefer to download the content you want to watch. Did we miss any of your favorites? Chime in in the comments below.

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