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Top 6 Crotorrents Alternatives

Over time, the acceptance and popularity of being a gamer have increased. With more games than ever before available to gamers everywhere, we are usually spoilt for choice about which game to focus on first.

Last year there were tons of exciting new releases as well as stunning upgraded versions were launched of much-loved games. If you are among those gamers who have been impatiently waiting for a torrent download of these popular games, then you might have faced some difficulties due to the torrent website’s sudden shutdowns and takedowns.

Crotorrents is a torrent website that focuses only on the gaming niche. Since its inception, the torrent website has made a distinct place in the market serving only gamers looking for free torrent downloads of popular and newly released games. Crotorrents has an active community of passionate gamers that have kept the website alive.

However, due to the nature of the services torrent websites provide, which are illegal, they are susceptible to sudden disappearance as a consequence of legal action taken against them by law enforcement agencies or to avoid being caught. Crotorrents has also faced its fair share of trouble in this regard.

As a user of torrent websites, it is always wise to have a list of alternatives ready in case your favorite platform disappears. In this post, we are sharing some great options to Crotorrents for easy and free game torrents downloads:

Note: Downloading a torrent might be risky due to copyright violations. So we recommend using Torrent VPN to download torrent anonymously.

1. Zooqle


Regarded as one of the best websites for game torrents after Crotorrents, Zooqle has a lot going for it, especially the extensive database of verified torrents, which include games, movies, TV shows, and a lot more. The website is exceptionally new-user friendly thanks to its easy navigation and simple user interface.

It also has a large community supporting the website and its impressive number of torrents. This mostly reliable torrent website seems to have a bright future ahead in the game torrent community if it continues to improve and grow at a similar pace.

2. 1337x


The user interface of 1337x went through a major overhaul last year and has thus greatly improved the user experience. It is now easier to find your desired torrents quickly, which the help of the powerful search tool and simple yet effective categorization system.

Those of you who are new to torrenting can also use the platform with ease. The recent upgrade has also removed various security bugs and threats that could jeopardize the security of its users.

3. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents

If you are a real gaming savvy, then you will surely be impressed by the collection of games on Kickass Torrents. From the latest collection of games to a wide selection of all-time popular games, you can easily find trustable torrents of all types of games.

Apart from an extensive range of games, Kickass Torrents also offers a fantastic selection of movies and series from all genres. The best thing about Kickass Torrents is that all the torrents are reliable and available for free.

4. LimeTorrents


If you are not tech-savvy, and you are looking for a website that offers you a massive range of game torrents that are easy to locate and download, then you will surely be impressed with LimeTorrent!

LimeTorrents does not only offer an extensive range of games, but it has one of the most simple to use and easy to navigate website interface as compared to other torrent sites. We do not only recommend LimeTorrents for its range of games, but also its remarkable array of HD movies and series torrents.

5. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

We have previously seen several episodes of the downtime of the Pirate Bay. However, for a few years now, the Pirate Bay has not gone through any downtime period, which is excellent news for gamers! Because the Pirate Bay is one of the few websites that offers a massive range of games.

We have downloaded several games from the Pirate Bay, and we must stay that we were thoroughly impressed by the download speed and the overall quality of the gaming torrents. So, the Pirate Bay serves as an excellent alternative to Crotorrent.

6. isoHunt 

This one is an extremely popular peer-to-peer torrent website, which ranks within the top 6 in terms of popularity. According to reports, the site has been visited over 40 million times by people around the world, which is a substantial feat for any torrent site.

isoHunt offers a large variety of downloads including various types of media, such as movies, tv shows, and games. The vast amounts of crowd-sourced content available on the site mean that you will be able to find almost all the movies, games, ebooks, shows, and more on the site.

The well-designed interface makes navigation easy and the advanced search options are accurate and quick. You can also find several games on IsoHunt.

7. TorLock 


If you enjoy torrenting and haven’t tried TorLock, don’t waste more time! Try TorLock to enjoy the best torrent downloading experience. TorLock is one of the few torrenting sites with a large number of verified torrents.

TorLock is so confident in its database of verified torrents that it offers its consumers a $1 guarantee. If you encounter any unverified torrent, you can report it to TorLock’s team and receive a $1 compensation. TorLock is one of the most trustworthy websites, so it is popularly recommended for malware-free torrent downloading.

Unlike other verified torrent sites, TorLock has an ever-expanding torrent collection. The platform is updated on a daily basis with popular and latest verified torrents. So, if you enjoy torrenting but are concerned about malware infecting your devices, you should give TorLock a try for safe and trustworthy torrenting.

8. ExtraTorrent


ExtraTorrent is one of the most reliable torrent search engines and a popular Crotorrents alternative. ExtraTorrent has one of the most extensive ranges of original free torrent files that are not available anywhere else. ExtraTorrent has many other advantages that contribute to its popularity.

ExtraTorrent features an advanced search engine that is easy to use and helpful for anyone who does not know the exact title of the content they are looking for. You can find the content with the help of a few keywords only. The smart search engine makes it simple to find files in ExtraTorrent’s extensive library.

The availability of adult content is a significant factor in the site’s popularity and success. ExtraTorrent includes all of the features that one would expect from a top-tier torrenting platform. Although its torrent collection is massive, finding and downloading torrents is never an issue due to its well-organized and simple-to-use website interface. Overall, ExtraTorrents ticks all the boxes making it one of the best Crotorrents alternatives. 

9. YifyTorrents


YifyTorrents will not fail to impress you with its massive movie torrent collection if you are a movie enthusiast looking for movie torrents. Unlike most other torrent websites, YifyTorrents only offers movie torrents, so that you will find very few series torrents on this torrent site.  

The team is fully dedicated to providing its users with movie torrents from all over the world. Whether you are looking for a vast collection of classic movie torrents or want to enjoy the latest movies before anyone else, YifyTorrents is the best for safely downloading movie torrents. Torrent fans highly recommend YifyTorrents for finding movies that have just been launched in real-time, which you won’t find elsewhere.

Another primary reason behind YifyTorrents’ popularity is the availability of HD, FHD, and 3D quality torrents so you can have a cinema-like experience at home. The website interface is also worthy of praise as it offers features, filters, and an accurate search bar that makes torrent search hassle-free. 



RARBG, like the other top Crotorrents alternatives on our list, is another trustable, famous, and massive platform that offers a unique blend of on-site streaming and free torrent downloads. RARBG has a worldwide following due to its gigantic database of free-to-download torrent files.

You find an ever-expanding range of free-to-download movies, TV series, music, ebooks, games, and software torrents. Most of the torrent files are shared by torrent fans, so RARBG feels like one giant community of people all working towards building the largest torrent platform. 

RARBG was widely available before various governments took legal action in various countries. However, as more nations implement strict anti-piracy and copyright laws, countries including India, the UK, Germany, and others have blocked the site.

Nonetheless, you may use a VPN to visit the website and download movies, games, music, software, and other torrents anonymously from anywhere in the world. The website is jam-packed with ads that may contain malware, so we recommend using an antivirus and ad blocker while browsing and downloading from RARBG.

Final Verdict

We have shared our top 6 favorite Crotorrents alternatives that do not only offer a fantastic range of games, but these alternatives also have zero downtime! This means that you can now enjoy free games without worrying about the website’s downtime.

However, you have to keep in mind that most (if not all) or these Crotorrents alternatives usually have an abundance of ads. However, if you look past the bombardment of ads, you will surely be impressed by the torrent quality, download speed, and the extensive selection of games that all of these Cro torrents alternatives offer.

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