bittorrent vs utorrent

BitTorrent Vs. uTorrent

BitTorrent vs. uTorrent is an ongoing battle. Both services have highly evolved since their inception. Although uTorrent is developed by BitTorrent’s developers, which is the reason behind the similar user interface, that does not directly translate to BitTorrent being better than uTorrent or vice versa.

Many users actually prefer and recommend uTorrent over BitTorrent. But the real question is: what makes one service better than the other? Is it the range of features? User interface? Variety of settings? Or maybe it is the speed?

Although both the differences and similarities of uTorrent vs. BitTorrent have been discussed numerous times on many platforms, our goal is to discover the key factors that make one service more user’s favorite than the other, and figure out the winner of this never-ending battle!

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Download Speed

Download Speed

Download Speed is hand-down the most significant deciding factor when it comes to users’ favorite torrent service. Let’s get one thing on the side that both BitTorrent and uTorrent offer built-in bandwidth management that helps to maximize the overall torrent download speed.

However, we have experienced that due to better ad management, BitTorrent comes mightier than uTorrent. BitTorrent can be +/-3 times faster than uTorrent. Nonetheless, uTorrent doesn’t lose the race that easily because users have experienced better download speed with larger files on uTorrent as compared to BitTorrent.

Winner of the ‘Download Speed’ battle: BitTorrent!



Similar to you, we also hate watching unnecessary amounts of ads, especially when they disrupt the flow of the downloads and slow down the download speed. However, if you do a side by side comparison, you are highly likely to experience somewhat the same amount of ads on both the services.

Although a while back, BitTorrent offered ad-free service, now users have to experience a ton of ads that drastically disrupt the download performance. Both the services offer packages for removing ads; however, not every user is willing to pay an extra amount to avoid ads. So, it all comes down to ad management.

So, which service is better than the other when it comes to ad management? BitTorrent! Yes! Although both the services manage the ads in a similar pattern, if we were given a choice, then BitTorrent takes the lead with better, user-friendly ad management.

Winner of the ‘Advertisements’ battle: BitTorrent!


file Size

The size of the program/app/software is always a major issue. No matter how much space your device has got, you still end up filling it all. Everyone tends to prefer apps with exceptional performance without consuming a lot of device space. Neither does anyone want to clean their device’s cache consistently!

So, in BitTorrent vs. uTorrent size battle, who is the winner? uTorrent takes the lead as it is a smaller (3MB) app as compared to the bulkier BitTorrent app. So, if you suffer from device storage issues, uTorrent is the way to go.

Winner of the ‘Size’ battle: uTorrent!

Simultaneous Downloads

Simultaneous Downloads

Who doesn’t love multitasking? We certainly do! So, we want apps to perform multiple functions at a time. Similarly, we tested both BitTorrent and uTorrent to see which one of them offers simultaneous downloads, and which one is better at it.

BitTorrent has already outshined uTorrent in the speed department, and BitTorrent outshines uTorrent again by offering simultaneous downloads feature. So, with BitTorrent, you can efficiently download multiple files at a time.

Winner of the ‘Simultaneous Downloads’ battle: BitTorrent!




It all comes down to whether or not both the programs are compatible with various platforms, including Android, Mac OS, and Windows. The answer is: Yes! Both the programs are compatible with all the platforms, and you can securely download files on both the programs on all devices.

Some users find one program more efficient on one device or the other; however, we experienced similar performance on all platforms.

Winner of the ‘Compatibility’ battle: It’s a tie!

Who Wins The Torrent Battle

Deciding between BitTorrent and uTorrent is a bit of a challenge because if BitTorrent outshines uTorrent in terms of performance, speed, and ad management, then uTorrent comes back with a bang with its small size.

So, it wholly solely relies on the user’s preference because both the programs come with their pros and cons. All in all, both BitTorrent and uTorrent offer a fast, secure, and affordable platform for torrent users, so you cannot rule out one or the other. For more tech product comparisons and tech reviews, Stay connected with Reviewsed. Dont forget to share your favorite (B/w uTorrent and BitTorrent)  in the comment section below.

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