15 Sites Like Picuki Instagram Viewer and Editor

15 Sites Like Picuki Instagram Viewer and Editor

Don’t want to alert someone when you’re viewing their Instagram profiles? Then the best way is to use Picuki, a platform designed to view photos and videos on a profile without alerting the user. You can also download the videos you have your eyes on without logging in. 

Picuki allows you to surf various public accounts and get access to numerous photos, reels, videos, and stories. But there are others that offer you all the ease. You can now get 15 alternatives similar to Picuki and surf securely without alerting any Instagram user of your doings. Let’s dive in and find out in-depth about some of the best sites out there!

15 Platforms Like Picuki on the Internet 

1. Inflact


Inflact is the most widely suggested Instagram viewer app, aside from Picuki. Users are free to download Instagram content and view stories without any restrictions. Using this application, you may also view public highlights.

It is a valuable tool when you want to spy on another user, but its best feature lets you see who blocked you. For instance, it enables you to follow the news items published on a monitored account. Additionally, the feature allows you to gather and save posts to your profile. 

2. SmiHub

Similar to Picuki, SmiHub is also an Insta editor and viewer. It provides all the essential features, including the ability to view Instagram stories, photos, and videos. As promised, you can access the services without logging into your account. SmiHub and Picuki are identical, making the latter the preferable Instagram viewer app. 

You can use it to see Instagram content while keeping your identity a secret, and no one can tell that you are stalking the person whose content you are watching. So it becomes harmless surf on Instagram!

3. WatchInsta

One of the best Instagram profile viewer applications is Watchinsta. This is the safest alternative for keeping an eye on public and private Instagram accounts. It is identical to Picuki, is free, and works with all devices. Using this software, you may access different photos on Instagram and get messages and data.

It is a website that resembles Picuki and has been upgraded and regularly tested. It is secure and untraceable because proxy support is provided. Users can export any content as a ZIP file, including stories, reels, movies, and photographs.

4. InstaStories

Another tool or platform you may utilize to grant the user access to anonymous Instagram surfing is InstaStories. You’ll notice that using this alternative to Picuki is quite simple. Enter the person’s user name in the search bar and click the search button to find them. You can obtain all that you wish to use this application. 

If you only provide the intended Instagram username, the platform will take care of the rest. The best thing about this is that you can access anything you want and it is anonymous. So even if you are stalking a crush or a celebrity, no one trace it back to you. 

5. izoomYou


Are you looking for a tool that will enable you to increase your Instagram DP? If so, you should go to the website izoomYou. This simple tool allows you to browse and expand people’s Instagram profile pictures.

You won’t be able to see any private account’s pictures, though. But all the pictures and videos you watch and save will be downloaded in HD resolution, which is the best part. 

6. Grahmir

Although this Instagram viewer differs slightly from Picuki, it is still a fantastic alternative. It allows users to view the popularity of a specific Instagram account. You can also use Gramhir to see how many likes and views a post is expected to receive. This website’s use of statistics is one of its strengths. 

Since everything is evaluated, it is feasible to compare different Instagram profiles. Additionally, it is anonymous, so no one else will be aware that you are keeping an eye on their accounts.

7. StoriesDown

StoriesDown is a free online software that can be used as a Picuki alternative. But if you are using StoriesDown, you will need an Instagram username. However, you will be able to view the stories you select to download and the most recent entries on your account if you do this.

However, you will be able to view the stories you select to download and the most recent entries on your account if you do this. Like the other websites, this one can only be used with public Instagram accounts, and it suggests that you won’t be able to access or download any postings from private accounts. Like Picuki, you can view user stories and posts while being anonymous, ensuring that no one will ever find out who you are.

8. StorySaver

A great tool that is very similar to the Picuki is called StorySaver. With this, you can download Instagram stories and learn how to follow someone’s account discreetly, especially using the StorySaver application. 

To download anything, the user needs to follow simple instructions. Instagram stories and videos will be available to download and can be used by Android and iPhone users. 

9. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram

All operating system users were taken into consideration when developing this Instagram viewer. Instagram photos, videos, and stories can all be browsed and downloaded using 4K Stogram. Additionally, users can download Instagram content on their gadgets.

You can import a list of your Instagram followers and save a copy of your Instagram profile using 4K Stogram. This software can be the ideal choice for you if you believe your account is vulnerable to hackers.

10. Pixwox

On the website Pixwox, users may download and view Instagram posts and reels. This may be achieved by selecting the username based on how your Instagram followers interpret it. If you’d like, you could.

Because it is similar to Picuki, the user can quickly download content from public and private accounts. After downloading the software, you can use it offline later, and it is an entirely free and anonymous Instagram profile downloader. 

11. IGLookup

Do you wish to view someone else’s photos without their prior approval? In such cases, IGLookup is the website you must go to. It is the best substitute for Picuki since you may anonymously check the images shared. Sometimes, keeping an eye on your loved ones without telling them about it is necessary for your opinion.

With the help of IGLookup, you may achieve that. It may be a great replacement for Picuki.

12. Glassagram


Glassgram is a service similar to Picuki, where you can check the updates and photos from any account. It is the best website because it offers all the details, similar to Picuki. Everything you require for tracking is available to you. It is a platform that is simple to install, safe, secure, and provides you with regular updates.

13. Stories IG

Stories IG is an application designed entirely to help people view and download pictures, reels and videos from different accounts without paying for them. You can casually stalk people’s stories without them knowing. 

As a replacement for Picuki, Stories IG doesn’t require connecting your account. Click the view button, load the video, and start watching anonymously. The video can even be downloaded in HD too. 

14. Instalker

If you want to save or view Instagram stories, download the Instalker app. The stories you choose will be visible on the app. Naturally, not all of the content on this Picuki substitute may be downloaded, but you can explore everything without giving away who you are.

The platform’s main advantage is that it will quickly locate the stalker to identify any profile stalking; you can discover even those who have blocked you.

15. Dumpor

Dumpor is a different provider somewhat similar to Picuki and allows you to view and study Instagram Reels, pictures, and stories. With the help of this application, you may look at Instagram data for your business or any other brand.

The best part that makes Dumpor stand out is that you may browse and view other people’s Instagram profiles conveniently. Dumpor doesn’t require an Instagram account registration, meaning no one can trace you. 


  1. What is similar to Picuki?

Some of the platforms that are similar to Picuki include Inflact, SmiHub, WatchInsta, and InstaStories. 

  1. What is the best Instagram viewer?

Some top-rated Instagram story viewers include Qoobs stories, StoriesIG, InstaDP, and SmiHub. 

  1. Can people see Picuki?

The outstanding feature that makes Picuki stand out is how it guarantees the anonymity of all users. This means that all the users won’t find out if you have viewed their Instagram stories, and you are free to view and download reels, videos, and pictures on your devices. 

In Short

So if you wish to experiment further and get access to applications similar to Picuki, then we have a list of some of the top-rated ones. These applications are easy to use and can be downloaded on any device. You do not even have to log in or register your account and can download reels, stories, pictures, and videos for free without the person knowing. We do recommend using it for the right reasons!

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