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15 Best VipBox Alternatives to Watch Sports Online

If you are a sports lover and regularly watch all sporting events and matches, you may be familiar with VIPBox, the Free Online Sports Streaming Service. The VIPBoxTV website is recognized for its live streaming of football matches, highlights, UFC, Football, NBA, NFL, Rugby, Boxing, and other free entertainment.

It is frequently updated and incorporates new features. There are no restrictions to utilizing this site because it is available to everybody worldwide.

Even if the site is excellent, there will be times when it will lag. The majority of consumers have technical difficulties and are interrupted when watching live matches.

This site, like many others, shuts down, disappears, and occasionally does not function properly. In this case, you should start looking for the best VIPBox se alternatives to switch over to.

What is VIPBox? is an online streaming service that enables customers to watch free live sports. It is a site where anyone can watch live soccer, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, golf, cricket, rugby, tennis, boxing, MMA, golf, and soccer. All VIPBox broadcasts are free and will always remain, allowing viewers to watch live sporting events.

IS VIPBox Currently Unavailable?

Previously, VIPBox displayed its domain directly (, but we couldn’t access it when we last checked. We discovered at the time that the site’s domain had been changed and forwarded to a new one. We give some of the top VIPBox alternatives for watching live sports to help VIPBox users after the sudden disappearance of their favorite platform.



VIPBox mobile, a new app that allows users to watch live football events without a cable or satellite subscription, now enables football fans to watch matches on their phone, laptop, or tablet. The software was created exclusively for football lovers who want to watch games at home and wherever they like.



VIPBox NBA is a new option for NBA fans to watch live games with others on the go from their smartphones or laptops. You can stream all of the games and take part in exciting game discussions with VIP BOX NBA. 



If you enjoy the thrill of rough sports, UFC is the right choice for you because it will keep you entertained, and you can watch the action unfold in all the UFC events live on sports free streams. The UFC has been around since 1993. It continues to grow and is a must-see for every mixed martial arts fan.



VIP Box Sports is a subscription service that provides a variety of sports, including boxing. VIPBox provides a free subscription for anyone interested in watching a boxing match.

Why VIPBox Has So Many Ads? And Is VIPBox Shut Down For Good?

Why does VIPSports bombard users with so many ads? And is VIPBox closed down permanently? A simple Google search reveals that plenty of VIPBox mirror sites have an abundance of annoying ads. Even though we hate them, they remain an option for those who want the same experience as the original VIPBox. 

Fortunately, there are a handful of great alternatives that users can switch over to for a better experience. Here are sites that are similar to VIPBox, which you can try whenever you are in the mood to watch sports.


After the sudden recent news that the popular streaming site VIPBox.ic has been closed down indefinitely, sports fans are stranded without a reliable and free way of streaming their favorite sporting event. 

While most people have migrated to other streaming platforms, such as Sling or FuboTV, some have discovered that these options do not work for them. There are numerous methods to watch live sports online if you know where to look. Here is a list of VIPBox alternatives, along with a short review of each online service:

1. SportP2P 


SportP2P has shown over the years to be one of the most trustworthy and user-friendly sports streaming websites available today. SportP2P will undoubtedly impress you if you are looking for the best HD and FHD video quality live sports streaming experience.

SportP2P is an excellent free streaming site for numerous sports, but it is the ideal option for football fans looking for a less expensive way to watch live matches from the ease of their homes and on the go.

SportP2P specializes in providing both recorded and live streams of practically every major football event from across the world. SportP2P can provide comprehensive coverage of sports events by utilizing a variety of providers that host videos on their servers. As a result, SportP2P does not need to be an independent platform, allowing users to view live streams of most sports leagues aired locally and abroad.

To top off its outstanding streaming experience, the website has minimum to zero commercial interruption, so you can enjoy sports streaming in HD quality as much as you want without having to close lots of ads before and during the viewing session.

2. 12th Player

12th Player

12th Player is one of the most famous and respected platforms for free streaming online sports channels. 12th Player has grown to become one of the most popular websites due to its ever-expanding array of live sports channels. 12th Player is a comprehensive site for streaming all forms of sporting events. The lack of any American sports may upset viewers.

Almost all the sports channels are accessible in High Definition or FHD. The video-on-demand service is usually lag-free; nevertheless, a solid and fast internet connection is required to enjoy a pleasant viewing experience in HD and FHD.

The best part of 12th Player is that all the sports channels are offered free live streaming; thus, you can watch endless hours of sports channels without spending a dime or providing your details for membership. The 12th Player website’s user interface is simple to use and includes various elements that make it extremely user-friendly. Overall, 12th Player is a worthwhile alternative to VIPBox.

3. SportRar 


If you are a serious sports enthusiast and want a collection of sports channels similar to VIPBox, SportRar is the ideal VIP BOX option. You may watch all your favorite sports, from football to ice hockey, on the Sports RAR TV website. All of the live sports channels, as well as news about recent and upcoming games, are available on the landing page.

We like how you can watch your favorite networks or specialized sporting events. You may watch endless hours of free cricket, volleyball, basketball, football, moto GP, motorsports, tennis, and other significant sports with SportRar. Popular football events such as Champions League, FIFA, La Liga, UEFA, and others are freely accessible, including internationally famous cricket and tennis competitions.

SportRar includes a video player that broadcasts videos without lag or lengthy buffering. By giving your email address, you can receive alerts about upcoming sporting events, ensuring that you never miss your favorite sportsperson in action again.

Even though SportRar is readily available, we still suggest you utilize the website with the safety of a VPN. Additionally, an ad blocker will protect you from possibly harmful but always unpleasant advertisements.

4. Stream2watch 


Stream2watch is a famous sports streaming site and an ideal alternative to VIPBox. The expansive library of free sports streaming channels available on Stream2watch will definitely wow you, allowing users to stream live rugby, football, snooker, hockey, golf, NHL, Premier League, and other sports for free.

The bulk of the free sports broadcasts streaming channels on Stream2watch is available in High definition and Full – HD quality. The webcasting experience is also fast and lag-free. Looking up our favorite sports event or channel on Stream2watch is also a snap, thanks to its user-friendly website interface and effective search bar, which takes you to your wanted sports channels in seconds.

Stream2watch is well-known around the world due to its compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones. The steady stream of ads is Stream2watch’s most significant downside. While exploring the site or viewing videos, several advertisements will need to be closed. With the exception of the ads distraction, Stream2watch is an excellent alternative to VIPBox.

5. Fotyval


Fotyval is a popular sports streaming website with a vast selection of live video connections. The broadcast quality is excellent and the service is supported by torrent video streaming, making it reliable and speedy.

Fotyval’s service is among the very best available right now because its network has more than 3,000 servers, which is a good indicator of its reliability. Fotyval users, like VIP BOX, only need a reliable, high-speed net connection to enjoy an excellent quality stream. 

The site’s design is good, with featured events for users to browse and choose from. When you select the live stream you want to stream, simply tap “Watch Now,” and the service will transport you to the video source page.

Unlike VIPBox, Fotyval currently provides services in seven countries: Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, the United States, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. One fantastic advantage of this sports streaming platform is that the feeds are available in over 15 languages, allowing more foreign language-speaking individuals to enjoy their favorite sports video-on-demand within the regions where Fotyval streaming is available.

6. BuffStreamz 


BuffStreams is one of the most trusted online sports streaming platforms. BuffStreamz has a massive fan base that only trusts BuffStreamz for streaming the latest HD sports channels from across the globe.

BuffStreamz is highly recommended for its extensive collection of free live HD sports channels. Finding your favorite sports channels on BuffStreams is also fast and convenient because of the well-organized website interface and the advanced search bar. You can stream a wide variety of sports, including NBA, NFL, MMA, and more. We love that you can enjoy online streaming with minimal ad disturbance.

You will surely love the user-friendly platform of BuffStreams that makes online sports streaming convenient and enjoyable for new and experienced online streamers. BuffStreams is a sports streaming paradise for sports lovers because the website is updated regularly with new live sports streaming channels and recorded sporting events.

7. NHLStream


The name perfectly describes what you expect from this online sports streaming website. NHLStream is one of the most popularly recommended websites for streaming freshly released NHL content for free. The NHLStream website is a must-visit for all NHL fans. 

The NHLStream team is dedicated to providing true sports fans with simple and convenient access to a wide range of live sports channels and sporting events worldwide, particularly NHL events. They are also dedicated to consistently improving the user experience by adding new features to the website interface. You can stream sports channels for free on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

You will easily find all popular sports channels in HD and FHD video quality on NHLStream. To enjoy unlimited hours of streaming with NHLStream, you do not need to sign up, register, or subscribe. Overall, NHLStream is, without a doubt, one of the best free live VIPBox alternatives.



STREAMIPTVONLINE.COM is a globally trusted and recommended sports streaming service. STREAMIPTVONLINE.COM has one of the largest collections of active sports channels, allowing you to watch your favorite sports anytime and anywhere in the world.

STREAMIPTVONLINE.COM offers free access to unlimited hours of Football, Cricket, Baseball, Tennis, WWE, Hockey, MotoGP, and other sports streaming. There are no membership, subscription, or registration requirements, so you can simply go to the website and begin streaming your favorite sports right away.

STREAMIPTVONLINE.COM has a live chat option that allows you to chat with other sports fans during matches. The live chat sometimes has errors, so it might not work at times. The frequent ad disturbance is the only con of STREAMIPTVONLINE.COM, so expect pop-up, on-screen, and click-on ads while browsing and streaming on STREAMIPTVONLINE.COM. 

9. GrandmaStreams


GrandmaStreams shares many similarities with VIPBox, making it one of the best alternatives to VIPBox. GrandmaStreams offers a similar streaming experience and channel selection as VIPBox. You can access the GrandmaStreams website worldwide and enjoy free live sports streaming and sports updates.

GrandmaStreams has a large selection of sports streaming channels where you can watch free soccer, the NFL, NHL, NCCA, NBA, MLB, tennis, rugby, cricket, Formula One, and many other sports. We appreciate that the GrandmaStreams team keeps the website up to date. You can always find the most recent sports updates, such as scores, team information, match times and dates, and other sports-related information. 

We highly recommend GrandmaStreams because its well-designed website interface makes sports streaming simple for beginners. GrandmaStreams’ online streaming content is completely free, with no registration or subscription fees.

You may experience frequent ad interruption, as with other free sports streaming sites. We strongly advise using an ad blocker to avoid ads and improve your streaming experience. Overall, we were impressed with GrandmaStreams and strongly recommended it as one of the best VIPBox alternatives.

10. MMA Streams

MMA Streams

MMA Streams deserves a spot on the list of the best VIPBox alternatives. The platform offers free live sports streaming for unlimited hours without signing up or sharing your payment information.

 The name MMA Streams doesn’t justify the impressive variety of sports channels on MMA Streams. You can stream various sports, including cricket, wrestling, boxing, soccer, and other sports, on MMA Streams. The massive collection of new and popular sports streaming channels on MMA Streams is easily accessible from all over the world. 

The best feature of MMA Streams is its simple and user-friendly interface, which makes it simple to select your preferred sports streaming channels and recorded sports events. It is as simple as visiting VIPBox alternative website, choosing a sport of interest, and you will find the list of live events for the day. 

The streaming quality is fast and lag-free. Streaming in HD and FHD quality can be challenging at times as you will experience seamless HD quality streaming on some days while a reasonably low-quality stream on others. 

If you’re a die-hard fan of the UFC or another MMA organization, MMA Streams is the best platform for live online streaming of fights and events from around the world. MMA Streams is an excellent substitute for VIPBox, offering a comparable range of streaming channels and streaming experience. 

11. StreamHunter


One of the most noteworthy alternatives to VipBox is StreamHunter. When it comes to streaming sports, it is dependable and straightforward to use because the sports activities are structured in a way that makes it easy for people to have access to them. You may watch films and matches from the most recent sporting events. In addition, the website was developed specially for sports fans, which also enables users to monitor live sporting events and matches using any device they choose.

In addition, the website works properly on a variety of different types of devices. The user interface is uncluttered and straightforward, with fewer advertisements and features that facilitate communication with other sports enthusiasts through the website.

12. Sportz TV IPTV

Sportz TV IPTV

The IPTV service brought to us by Sportz TV is highly impressive, and it features a vast number of active links in addition to a broad channel lineup. Almost all of the channels are available in high definition, and they all provide a unified content plus EPG experience. Despite the fact that it has a few faults, such as major buffering issues and channel unavailability, these problems are resolved immediately, sometimes even without the users realizing it. Sportz TV is a name that is probably already recognizable to you if you watch streaming IPTV.

This platform provides access to a wide variety of media and content originating from all over the planet. Sportz TV is an absolute pleasure for anyone who enjoys watching sports, as it contains all of the top-quality sporting material. This Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service provides access to all English-language channels broadcast in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom, in addition to those broadcast in India, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan.

13. FootyBite


Among all the industries that fall under the umbrella of the streaming sector, one of the most lucrative is sports streaming. It has a huge following in every part of the planet. Worldwide, the sport of soccer receives the most attention from spectators. The streaming provider is required to make a specified financial contribution toward the purchase of the necessary license in order to broadcast these leagues.

Piracy is the act of obtaining streaming links via other websites without the appropriate licensing and then uploading them to one’s website. FootyBite does this. In the vast majority of countries, engaging in this activity is a punishable offense. In addition, the website displays a variety of advertisements and pop-ups that should not be clicked on. They might infect your devices with malicious software. The website, on its whole, violates numerous laws and should not be used since it is unsafe.

14. VIP Roster

VIP Roster

VIPRow is the premier destination for free live sports streaming, featuring an extensive database covering a wide range of sports that can all be streamed on this particular platform. Check out this site if you’re interested in sports because you will surely be impressed. Information on forthcoming matches and events may be found on the website. All the sports are listed according to the statistics, and you will receive notifications anytime any of the sports are active. The top-notch quality also extends to the level of video quality.

Because the website is so well organized and arranged, locating the various sports can be done quickly and with little effort. Everyone is able to search the site’s highly user-friendly layout so you can located football, soccer, basketball, cricket, and other sports’ content easily. You might even get links to the sports you are most interested in watching; all you have to do is tap on the icon to begin watching your game. However, the site is filled with ads and pop-up windows.

15. Sportsbay


One of the most well-known and often visited websites that offer live streaming of your preferred sports is It does not need its customers to pay a subscription fee in order for them to view live material of premium quality. 

It is the best site for live sports streaming, where you can simply access high-definition versions of a variety of sporting events, including UFC fights, cricket matches, football games, NHL and NBA games, and more. The platform even provides a large number of links that enable users to check out the various kinds of matches effortlessly.

On the web page you’ll find a number of different sports, including tennis, soccer, football, basketball, and a variety of others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the VIPBox alternatives active and free?

Yes! At the time of writing this alternative post, all of the VIPBox we will talk about are actively working, so you can easily access your favorite anime content. Every VIPBox alternative on our list provides free online streaming. Most free live sports streaming websites (if not all) offer videos in 240p to HD; you can also find Full-HD videos on the alternatives mentioned above. However, you can only enjoy free HD and FHD video quality if you have fast internet speed. 

Are VIPBox alternatives legal?

You will find VIPBox alternatives on our list that offer free live sports streaming. Premium sports streaming services are usually legal. On the other hand, free online streaming websites illegally share sporting events and live sports streaming links. 

We strongly advise choosing a paid sports streaming service for a safe, legal, and entertaining online sports streaming experience.

Are VIPBox alternatives safe?

Premium online paid streaming services usually do not contain malware. On the other hand, free streaming services come with tons of ads and download links that may be infested with malware and pose security hazards. 

As a result, to secure your device and data, you should always utilize a paid service. Always use a trustworthy (preferably paid) VPN, antivirus, and ad blocker software while streaming on a free sports streaming service to ensure complete online safety and privacy.

Can you access VIPBox alternatives via VPN?

VPNs are among the simplest and most secure methods of accessing VIPBox and its alternatives. You only need a trustable, premium VPN running on your phone or PC to use the site anonymously and safely. Luckily, all of our VIPBox alternatives can be accessed via VPN

It is crucial to use a VPN, as it protects you from anyone attempting to steal your information or track your online activities. It also enables you to escape the legal consequences of using a service like VIPBox.


We hope that with our list of 15 best VIPBox alternatives, you will be able to find a few sports streaming websites that will tick all the boxes for you. Similar to VIPBox, all alternatives offer free streaming without any registration. 

To make your live sports streaming experience safer and more enjoyable, we recommend using a reliable VPN, antivirus, and ad blocker software.

With our VIPBox alternatives, we hope you never miss your favorite sports live matches and always stay updated with the latest from the sports world. 

What is your favorite VIPBox alternative? Have you tried any of our favorite VIPBox alternatives? Please share your experience streaming live sports on our VIPBox alternatives in the comments below.

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