AVG Vs Avast

AVG Vs Avast

If you are concerned about the security of your devices from malware, viruses and other threats and are looking for user-friendly antivirus software that provides multi-layered comprehensive protection which will put your mind at ease. Today’s most might help you select the better antivirus between the two leading ones AVG Vs Avast.

In this post, the two front running variants – Avast Antivirus and AVG Antivirus come head to head as we examine their different aspects to recognize which one is superior. In terms of popularity and the number of users, both antiviruses are on a similar level, widely used and trusted.

Do they offer the same features? Which one of the two should you go for? We aim to provide you with useful information in this comparison:

Quick Rundown Of The Winner In Each Category

1. Features

Winner: Avast. Although AVG and Avast share many similarities in features, there are a few that give Avast a slight edge over AVG. Avast comes with advanced firewalls and added layers of protection for better security against online threats. Providing additional layers of protection gives the user more peace of mind, which is essential for most people.

2. Protection

Winner: Avast. In the department of protection, Avast blew AVG out of the park. Avast offers better security against older and newer viruses, malware, and spyware. Avast’s safety is more reliable and comprehensive. In our independent evaluations, AVG failed to meet industry standards, which is a huge letdown, especially when put up against new malware.

3. System Impact

Winner: AVG. A good antivirus won’t drastically slow down your device, and in this respect, the clear winner was AVG. When performing routine tasks, Avast held up well. But using high-end online platforms and websites such as Twitch and YouTube Avast bogged down the system causing severe lag and loading issues.

4. User Interface

Winner: Tie. Not everyone is tech-savvy, so an easy-to-understand user interface is fundamental. Thankfully, both AVG and Avast antivirus user interfaces are modern, beginner-friendly, and streamlined. They are basically the same.

5. Pricing

Winner: Avast. Yet again, Avast is the better choice if you are looking for a service that offers multiple subscription options and an excellent free package. AVG only provides a 30-day free trial and a single premium option. Whereas, Avast has three price plans and a Lifetime Free Basic package, plus the 30-day trial period. With Avast, there is a better scope for choosing a package that fits your needs.

6. Customer Support

Winner: AVG. In terms of user-friendly customer support, AVG takes the crown thanks to its 24/7 live chat facility available to their paid package customers. This service is not available for any Avast users. However, Avast offers decent customer support services to all its users.

Avast Antivirus


Avast is undoubtedly one of the most trusted software globally. From its inception in 1995, Avast has gone through numerous updates and transformations that have greatly improved its capabilities through advanced features. Today, it promises complete seamless security against modern cyber threats.

The simple yet useful addition of features like “Do not disturb,” which lets users enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience by blocking notifications, shows that the developers of Avast care about the user experience. Likewise, many other amazing features optimize protection and ensure effective performance.

Why should you choose Avast?

  • Software is updated automatically
  • Superior protection with several useful tools and features
  • Easy installation
  • Streamlined user interface
  • Free lifetime protection
  • “Do not disturb” feature.

Why shouldn’t you choose Avast?

  • Limited basic of features in free version
  • No iOS compatibility

AVG Antivirus


A subsidiary of Avast, AVG Antivirus is regarded as one of the most preferred free antivirus programs. With an interface that is comparable to Avast and a bunch of useful features including rolling updates that keep your software updated if you are subscribed.

Due to its relation with Avast, AVG antivirus uses similar security algorithms and systems for a more affordable price. Although the free version lacks the superior features, AVG is an excellent choice for beginners and those looking for a bargain.

Why Should You Choose AVG?

  • User-friendly yet powerful interface
  • Multiple useful features that will protect and maintain your device
  • Competitively priced and affordable premium and pro versions
  • Premium versions supporting an unlimited number of devices
  • The small 8Mb file is lightest on the market.
  • Impressive customer support system for both free and premium versions

Why Shouldn’t You Choose AVG?

  • Incomplete protection with the free version
  • Expensive premium version

McAfee vs Avast – Feature Comparison

Detailed ComparisonAVGAvast
Ease of use4.5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars
Starting Price$71.99 per year$69.99 per year
Free Trial30 Days30 Days
Money back GuaranteeYesYes

Auto Virus ScanningYes Yes 
Manual Virus ScanningYesYes
Real-time AntivirusYesYes
Registry Startup ScanYesYes
Scheduled ScanYesYes
USB Virus ScanYesYes

Adware PreventionYes Yes 
ChatIM ProtectionNoNo
Email ProtectionYesYes
Macro ProtectionNoYes



Email supportNoYes
Live HelpNoNo
Phone supportNoYes
Ticket supportYesYes

Device Tune-upYesNo
Email Security YesYes
Gamer ModeNoYes
Parental ControlNoNo
Safe browserYesYes
Smartphone OptimizerNoYes
VPN ServiceYesYes


Antivirus Protection

In terms of providing comprehensive protection in this Avast vs AVG showdown against new and old malware, viruses and spyware, AVG’s capabilities were no match for Avast’s supreme performance. According to our test, AVG was hardly able to reach the industry standards of efficiency and the ability to detect newer forms of malware.

Whereas, Avast outperformed AVG by a mile by achieving a perfect score of 100% in tests, which impressed us. Therefore, if it is complete, top-notch protection that you desire, then choosing Avast should be a no brainer.

System impact

It is essential for the antivirus to not to bog down the system and decrease the efficiency of your device. In this respect, AVG did better than Avast. Other than the routine tasks, Avast caused disruption and slow down of more substantial, high-end websites and streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch in particular.

On the other hand, AVG has a more pleasant system impact due to its smaller file size, which had little to no effect on the performance whether it was downloading, opening URLs or streaming, while performing its duties as comprehensive antivirus software.

So, if you are worried about the antivirus software slowing down your device, then AVG is the better choice.

User Interface

User Interface

The user interface is a significant determent of the user experience. If user interface is of the prime importance to you, then you could go with Avast or AVG antivirus because both offer almost an identical interface that is incredibly easy to use and beginner-friendly.

However, due to some minor difference, Avast may be the better choice, since it is cleaner and streamlined that makes navigation and finding features more accessible and more effective. The similarities between the two interfaces, maybe because the same company – Avast owns both the software.


AVG currently offers a single package only and a free trial option.

avg pricing

If you want the basic security features, you can opt for their free trial package. However, for a complete set of advance security features, the AVG Internet Security comes at $71.99 per year with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Unfortunately, AVG does not offer any multiyear packages or discount packages like Avast.

If you talk about Avast, you get a range of 3 subscription packages and a free 30-day trial on Premium Single Device, and Premium Multi-Device packages.

avast pricing

If you only require basic security features, you can enjoy the Avast Free Basic package that is valid for an unlimited period.

All and all, if you make a price comparison between these two leading antivirus software, the Avast Antivirus is undoubtedly a winner because of its better price plans and Avast Lifetime Free Basic package.

What Are The Key Differences Between Avast Free & AVG Free Services?

AVG and Avast both provide free antivirus software products to their consumers, but the following characteristics differ:

Despite being free, AVG Antivirus Free has some great features. Aside from excellent virus protection, you may anticipate the following features:

  • Security against viruses, ransomware, spyware, and malware
  • Suspicious email attachments, links, and downloads are blocked.
  • Scan your computer for potential performance issues.

Avast Free Antivirus is a completely free program that defends you from a variety of threats and dangerous online activity. It has many beneficial features that can improve your security, some of which are as follows:

  • Inspector of network security.
  • Detection of malicious URLs
  •  Password manager.

What Is The System Impact Of Avast VS AVG?

Because Avast and AVG provide real-time protection from malware threats, they both operate in the background while we use our computers. Certain programs can slow down the system and have an impact on overall computer performance. In terms of configuration requirements, both antivirus products are the same.

These antivirus programs are both lightweight and have little impact on the computer system resources on which they are installed.

Both security suites performed similarly in tests done by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. They have been evaluated on a standard and high-end PC. The speed of launching popular websites, frequently used software, copying files, downloading and installing, and other comparable operations were all tested. In percentage terms, the findings were extremely comparable, with both programs scoring 5 out of 6 points, which is regarded as a satisfactory performance score for AV testing and an advanced score of 8.9 for AV comparisons.

As a result, the findings of these performance tests reveal that AVG and Avast have little to no detrimental impact on your computer’s speed or performance.

Customer Support

Customer Support

A fundamental part of the overall customer experience, customer support can help customers resolve issues and queries with the help of video tutorials, FAQs, live chat and more. In terms of customer support, AVG outdoes Avast by offering a 24/7 live chat facility for the paid package customers that Avast does not provide.

Other essential information resources such as the FAQs, video tutorial and guides have been divided into convenient categories for both antiviruses, which makes navigation easier and finding the things you are looking for more straightforward.

Avast has a convenient form for clients, where other users can provide a solution to the issues you are facing.

Who Takes The Crown?

Settling on-going debate about which antivirus software is better is a challenge because both Avast vs AVG offer compatible security performance. However, when it comes to a better range of security features and price packages, Avast takes the lead!

If you talk about the system impact, that is where AVG takes the lead! AVG offers reliable performance without slowing down your device.


Although, both the services have their pros and cons, Avast would remain on the top for its better security features, performance, and price packages!

Video Comparison By The PC Security Channel

AVG Vs Avast – FAQs

Does Avast own AVG?

Each other’s biggest competitors – AVG and Avast, are owned by the same company. Yes! Avast purchased AVG for $1.3B in 2016. Both these companies utilize the same tech and engine in the background as Avast. So from the end-users’ point of you, you get the same/similar security performance with AVG as Avast antivirus software.

Is AVG a reliable antivirus software?

Both AVG and Avast offer competitive security when it comes to the paid subscription packages. However, if you compare the performance of the free service, that is when AVG provides better features and an improved security performance than Avast.

Are AVG Paid packages worth the investment?

AVG Free Antivirus is already tough, plus AVG Internet Security contains practically every other feature you’d expect from an antivirus program. The pricing is also quite reasonable.

Is Avast a good antivirus software?

Avast is an excellent multi-function AV software as well as one of the best free solutions we’ve reviewed, although the pricier editions provide more fascinating features. The results of an impartial laboratory demonstrate that Avast Antivirus is trustworthy.

Is Avast actually free?

Antivirus has a competent free edition that protects against infections and examines device performance. Avast Antivirus Free is a premium alternative that has no hidden costs. There is no charge to download it, but you must pay additional for the extra features.

Avast 2020 Scandal – Why You Should Avoid Free Antivirus Softwares

Last year, alarming news about free Avast services came to light, which raised a huge question regarding the service and its practices. Avast was accused of harvesting data of the users of the free antivirus software. Not only this, but it was also revealed that the data was sold to third parties, which included tech giants like Google.

The data harvesting allegations against Avast aren’t new; previously, the company had come under heat for collecting and selling data from various browser extensions; this led to browsers removing support for Avast extensions. In its defense, Avast released a statement that only opt-in data was harvested, which could not be used to identify the name, IP address, or email of the users.

However, the 2020 report went into the details of identifying the type of data Avast was collecting and selling and if the third parties can trace it back to the original users. Motherboard and PCMag collaborated to carry out this investigation, which revealed that the company was using Avast Jumpshot subsidiary to sell data to third parties, including time-stamped tracking of all user session clicks, as well as the device used during the session. The harvested data does not contain user identifiers, but experts believe that the data provided by Avast in conjunction with the information third parties already have can be used to identify real people.

It should be noted that the report focuses on Avast’s free antivirus software and not the paid versions. Unfortunately, users of the free service are paying a hefty price in the form of personal data. Users are not making any monetary contributions for the service. Instead, they are unknowingly handing over information that can lead back to them.

In the tech economy, user data is valuable and is extremely profitable for companies when used correctly. Another alarming issue that the 2020 report highlighted was user awareness and consent. Avast has defended its actions by claiming that the users have the option to opt-out from their data being collected; the company also argues it doesn’t harvest or share identifiable data. However, the report states with examples that most users are not aware of the opt-in/opt-out choice, and they are unaware of Avast collecting data and selling it.

If you are thinking about using the free software version of Avast or any other antivirus, we strongly advise against it. Unfortunately, in today’s world, nothing comes for free. The serious issues raised by the report, regardless of their accuracy, are a cause for concern. Although Avast later assured that it will improve its systems and continue its commitment to using data responsibility, you can never be too sure where your data can end up and how it can be used.

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