7 Best Sports Score Apps you should try out in 2023

7 Best Sports Score Apps You Should Try Out in 2023

Sports scores are pretty valuable, especially if they are related to any big game. The use of the scores varies; there’s a thrill of them going up for both passionate sports lovers and gamblers. Chances of you watching your game entirely in peace are little to none, especially if the game is on a weekday when you’re stuck with a mountain of work and commitments. 

That’s when the dire need for excellent sporting apps pops up, providing you with a complete score core, player analytics, and match insights like never before. So don’t miss out on even the most minor details about your favorite sportspeople. We have curated a list of the seven best sports apps offering you an ultimate game experience without viewing the game itself. 

The 7 Best Sports Score Apps to Try Out 

Can’t stream but don’t want to miss out on your favorite games? The best solution is to access sporting apps. Keep scrolling to find out all about the best applications on the internet for all types of devices. 

1. AllStar


The AllStar, which features a completely customizable user interface free of advertisements, is the most remarkable new independent sports application. The app allows users to acquire a personalized experience where they receive game and player stats, upcoming game schedules, and news according to their liking. 

In essence, each user’s UI will vary depending on whether they favor NBA, EPL, UFC, NFL, MBL, NHL, or any other sports included in this all-encompassing software. Importantly, AllStar does not contain any advertising; therefore, the display of the device is not cluttered with irritating banners. The team is putting real effort into improving each user’s experience. 

Check out this space for updates as the creators continue to broaden the selection of the app’s exclusive news content and betting features.

2. TheScore


For covering a variety of sporting events, use the sports score app. Whether you’re an NBA, NFL, or EPL enthusiast, practically all the major leagues and competitions are covered.

It provides real-time updates on sporting news and results. It is an immersive dashboard with a news feed that you’re able to customize just to show news and results from the leagues and clubs you choose. TheScore app also has some other fascinating features. This incorporates in-depth pregame analysis, opinion polls, group discussion, widely shared news about your team on social media, and group conversation.

What’s next? The app has received over 10 million downloads and a 4.7 rating on the Play Store. The application is compatible with android and iOS both.

3. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report has served as a leading source of sports news for more than ten years. Breaking news, injury updates, power rankings, and all other topics pertaining to professional sports are regularly covered on this page. Since then, they have expanded their business to include a potent mobile app packed with features, making it increasingly centered on smartphones. The Bleacher Report app will keep you informed of start times, game scores, and real-time penalty decisions, just like many other apps do. However, it also includes a few intriguing features that connect with its primary website. 

You may read stories and updates from your favorite Bleacher Report sports writers that keep you up to date on all the events involving the teams you follow directions from the app. This makes the experience even more personalized and fun! You will have all the hot gossip on your favorite players. 

4. LiveScore 


LiveScore covers a broad range of sporting events. It provides real-time information for sports like tennis, basketball, and cricket, although it gives soccer more priority.

Football games can be freely streamed via LiveScore; however, at the moment, only those in Ireland and the UK can be done. Yet, comprehensive match analysis, commentary, lineups, and more are available to users everywhere.  It has a clean interface that enables viewers to browse over key moments from various sports quickly.

Users can also use the Explore feature to look for and add their preferred sports to the Favorites area. To keep track of upcoming matches, there is also a calendar tool. The application, readily available for iOS and Android download, is a no-brainer for soccer fans looking for the most significant updates.

5. Yahoo Sports 

Yahoo Sports

Since it comes from an unexpected resource, it is one of the best sports apps and is also one of the most underappreciated. Yahoo has long since developed into a full-fledged news organization from email services and internet directories. Their mobile app has gained recognition as a very helpful and well-liked platform, and they are well-known for their sports coverage.

The user design of the Yahoo Sports app is clear and uncomplicated, making it practical and exceptionally approachable for newbies. You may effortlessly browse their extensive collection of movies and articles using their search option. 

Also, you will receive a tailored news stream that will keep you updated after choosing your favorite teams. After activating location services, one of the app’s finest advantages is the option to watch free live regional and national games. This makes the app distinctive in comparison to its competitors.

6. SofaScore 


SofaScore is a widely known platform that offers live score updates and coverage of about 25 sports.  It is exceptional due to several exciting qualities.  Shot maps, player ratings, heat maps, attribute overviews, and assault momentum are compatible with Android Wear devices, allowing users to broadcast goal highlights and is a standout feature.

There is also a chat feature for interaction with other sports lovers. The Battle Draft game adds more life to the platform and keeps people signed in for longer. Mobile devices running on iOS and Android can use this sports score application. 

7. CBS Sports 

CBS Sports

The CBS Sports app excels in achieving its purpose of giving users the most recent information on all sporting events.

You receive notifications when there are news, highlights, or new scores. You can customize these notifications based on your particular feed configurations. It offers live broadcasts of many sporting events, and with a subscription, you can view games from your preferred league. Also, you can connect with other users and listen to live radio programs. If you own an Android-powered TV, you can cast content and manage playback from your Android phone. 


  1. What is the #1 sports app?

The most popular and #1 sports app is ESPN, which has provided users with sports insights for over a decade. 

  1. Which live score app is the best?

Some of the best live score applications include LiveScore, FotMob, Yahoo Sports, GOAL Live Scores, and Bleacher Report. 

  1. Which sports app is like bleacher report?

The Athletic, SpringHill Companies, and Overtime Sports are some of Bleacher Report’s main rivals. With the help of the consumer-focused smartphone app Overtime Sports, users may record game highlights and add slow motion to capture critical moments of their favorite teams and players. 

Bottom Line 

So what’s stopping you from getting insights on the latest games and player performances? You are a download away from getting all the information. Try out these sports applications that display scores of all the big games, player movies, and chances of winning and losing. It doesn’t matter if you can’t watch the match because, with these in-depth details, you won’t miss any power moves and excellent performances.

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