Palworld Faces Bugs Despite a Successful Release

Palworld Faces Bugs Despite a Successful Release

It has been discovered that there is a bug in Palworld that keeps a player’s Pal from fighting adversaries. Since Palworld’s early access launch on January 19, the game has drawn comparisons to Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise due to the premise of capturing and battling creatures.

In spite of these parallels, players have already shown a strong interest in Pocket Pair’s survival game. After just five days of being available on Steam, Palworld has sold over seven million copies. However, there is a specific bug causing problems for players who want to explore this newest survival horror game.

Players are posting videos of their friends not responding to commands or not attacking foes in key moments. A short video showing the issue has been published by LyriicDaVinci on Twitter. In the video, the player’s Ice-Dragon Chillet gets immobile when they face Relaxaurus Lux. The trainer tries to dodge the oncoming assaults, but the Pal stays in one place and takes damage. LyriicDaVinci notes that this bug specifically affects attacks and prompts in the Palworld Xbox version.

It’s not just LyriicDaVinci who’s experiencing the Palworld bug that renders friendly monsters motionless. User Squirrel009 on Reddit notes that when bringing a Pal into combat, they usually “just stand still doing nothing,” and the adversary sometimes freezes in the same way, although not always. At the moment, the bug seems to impact a few different Pals out of the roughly one hundred that are present in Palworld. One possible fix suggested in the post’s comments is to replace the monsters until their mobility returns to normal.

Regarding the problem of Pals being frozen in place, Pocket Pair has not released a statement. To keep players interested, the developer has, meanwhile, been swiftly resolving and putting updates in place ever since Palworld launched. Unfortunately, some community members are taking extreme actions, like threatening to kill Pocket Pair, in spite of the makers’ good intentions.

Pocket Pair is still committed to pushing Palworld’s early access release in spite of the dangers. A roadmap for the game has been released by the developer, including planned features like a PVP mode. Plans also include adding post-game features like more raids, intriguing new islands to explore, and cross-platform crossplay across the Steam and Xbox platforms. With these promising opportunities in the near future, it is expected that the present annoying problem will soon have a resolution.

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