Alleged Galaxy S23 FE Battery Certification Suggests a Launch on the Horizon

Alleged Galaxy S23 FE Battery Certification Suggests a Launch on the Horizon

In 2022, Samsung decided to skip the launch of its FE model, claiming that there was a chip shortage and that the company would not be able to fulfill orders. Many were skeptical if this was Samsung’s way of discontinuing the FE series. However, news about the successor, Galaxy S23 FE, gained traction earlier this year. Recently, a new battery certification has almost confirmed the phone’s launch. 

According to Galaxy Club, a South Korean certification site has reportedly received the alleged Galaxy S23 FE battery for certification. The certification includes an image of the battery, but it is too blurry, making it difficult to note specific details like its capacity. The only thing visible is the battery model, which is displayed as B-BS711ABY. This model number supposedly corresponds with a phone carrying SM-S711, which is the alleged Galaxy S23 FE. 

Given the model number and the public certification from a South Korean site, customers could see the Galaxy S23 FE launch in the near future. Besides the battery being sent for certification, little else is known about the Fan Edition phone. The rumored specification suggests that Samsung may be opting for an Exynos chip instead of a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. 

Additionally, a recent report received from SamMobile corroborates this leak as they claim that the Galaxy S23 FE will use the Exynos chip for all the regions where the phone will be released. This includes the US. Other interesting details regarding the camera of the phone popped up last month. It revealed that the company may choose the same cameras for the S23 FE as the Galaxy S23. This means that consumers will be able to enjoy the same 50MP primary camera as seen on the flagship model, which would also be a significant upgrade compared to the Galaxy S21 FE.

The launch of the phone has still not been confirmed. Since the Fan Edition launch cycle is distinct from other releases, everyone is waiting with bated breaths. Previously, the Fan Edition was launched later in the year, but this cycle has been broken before by the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

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