The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Will Reportedly Come With Better Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Will Reportedly Come With Better Cameras

There has always been a lot of ambiguity coming from Fan Edition phones because no one knows exactly which features will be kept and which will be forgone. Since Samsung never released a Samsung Galaxy S22 Fan Edition phone, no one really knows what to expect from the phone. There have also been rumors about Galaxy discontinuing the FE line too. However, despite these rumors, information about the Galaxy S23 FE is making rounds on the internet in small chunks. The device’s launch is doubtful and will remain so until it is officially announced. 

Regardless, the rumors surrounding the phone look promising and could be an excellent successor to the popular Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. A report from the Galaxy Club revealed that the Galaxy S23 FE could include a 50MP primary camera just like the one featured on the Galaxy S23. Besides this tidbit, not much is known about the cameras on the device. The 50MP primary camera could likely be paired with an ultrawide and telephoto camera system. This would mean that the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE would be an affordable flagship with a decent camera system. 

Typically Saung includes small features like cameras or design elements from the flagship of the same lineup to attract customers. The Galaxy S21 FE had the same design as the flagship and a 12MP camera, similar to the cameras on the Galaxy S21. These features make the FE phones appealing, and the same is expected with the S23 FE. Regarding the chipset, the phone will likely use an Exynos 2200 chipset which debuted with the Galaxy S22 series. This year-old chip was developed by Samsung to help improve mobile gaming by incorporating AMD’s GPU.

This news corroborates earlier reports, but it is important to note that Galaxy models sent to the US do not have Exynos chips. Instead, they use high-quality Qualcomm chips. To keep the price low, Samsung will likely not have a Snapdragon variant, so US users will have to make do with an Exynos chip if they want an S23 FE.

The launch cycle for this phone is unique as it comes later in the same year as the flagship series. It is a smart decision from Samsung as they can target those who want a cheaper flagship without making them wait too much. 

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