Samsung is Considering Dropping the Galaxy S23 FE for a New Foldable Phone

Samsung is Considering Dropping the Galaxy S23 FE for a New Foldable Phone

After skipping the S22 Fan Edition last year, it was rumored that the company might be bringing back the series with the Galaxy S23 FE. However, rumors have been circulating recently about a new type of phone that the company may be bringing to replace it. This type of phone is expected to be a new type of folding phone to diversify its foldable phone lineup. 

This tip came from tipster Yogesh Brar who claimed that Samsung would skip the more affordable version of its flagship phone, the Fan Edition model, for a new kind of double-folding smartphone. The company already has two different types of foldable phones, and it is reported that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 are set to launch in late 2023. However, it seems as if they will be joined by a third foldable phone. 

The new foldable phone is expected to differ vastly from the two kinds of foldable phones that Samsung already has because it will fold into three segments using two hinges. This makes it very different from the clamshell or book-like foldable model the company already has. If these rumors prove to be true, then Samsung may be aiming to expand its foldable phone lineup. This is so they can provide more foldable phone options in hopes that the customer will find a model that works for them.

However, this two-way fold phone is not something new. Samsung has been rumored to be working on a Galaxy Z Fold successor with dual hinges since 2018. Additionally, in 2021, the company also apparently filed a patent for it. Customers have also seen this technology in action as the company demonstrated folding display concepts two years ago, showing a handset that could fold out to resemble a small tablet. 

Creating a foldable phone requires a lot of technical expertise. Most OEMs face many hurdles in building them, which is why most companies stick to either the fold or the flip design. Creating a new kind of foldable phone will likely bring more challenges. A tri-fold phone that Samsung is reportedly working on will theoretically have one of its three panels exposed, causing wear and tear. It will be interesting to see how the company deals with it.

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